Dieuwe de Boer
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Rachel Poulain Exposes the Dark Side of Auckland Antifa

There's a new star on the block. I first read her name on the Free Speech Coalition representatives list. As I was organising our first ever free speech rally, it was suggested that I should invite Rachel as a speaker. She's a self-described classical liberal, an artist, and animal rights activist. She also has a Youtube channel on which she's quite regularly started making videos just over a month ago. Her speech at the rally in Wellington was impressive. And her videos just keep getting better and better.

One of her first videos, shortly after Stefan and Lauren we de-platformed, was a satirical news report from an alternate universe:

She followed this up with a great video exposing Auckland "Peace" Action, and their leader Valerie Morse, one of the "Urewera 17". Rachel's exposé was so good that Youtube has censored it, placing an "R18" label on it. The only shocking content it contains is the truth.

And lastly, but not least, she did a brutal take-down of the (fake refugee) Green MP Golriz "no human right is absolute" Ghahraman:

I would 100% recommend subscribing to her Youtube channel if you haven't already done so.