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Right Minds NZ Podcast #4: Simon's Slushies, Brian Tamaki, Police Incompetence, and The Truth About The Crusades

This is the fourth episode of the Right Minds Podcast, hosted by Dieuwe de Boer and Origen, recorded on the evening of Tuesday 30th April, 2019. Your usual co-host Jesse Anderson was ill, but he sends his regards to his dozens of doting fans. Topics covered are:

  1. Simon's fixation on prison slushy machines. Was this really the right slush fund to focus on when there are so many more important issues?
  2. Brian Tamaki's "prison warfare" with the cabinet over recognition of his Man Up programme.
  3. Massive embarrassment for the police after guns were stolen from a Palmerston North station.
  4. More embarrassment for the police as their "secret list" of 100 people under surveillance was leaked to Stuff.
  5. A lengthy discussion around the context of the Crusades, and why they weren't half as bad as Marxist professors make them out to be.

This episode will be available on Youtube soon, but you can also listen on your favourite podcast reader by using the link to our podcast feed. You can also listen directly on the website below.

I asked our guest to provide us with a piece of classical music to close the podcast with, which means it's not Bach this time. We jumping forward a few centuries, shifting genres and countries: Verdi was a 19th century Italian opera composer. Origen requested that we end with a sample of Il Lacerato Spirito from the opera Simon Boccanegra. Do listen to the whole aria on Youtube if you can.

Next week we should be joined by Elliot Ikilei, deputy leader of the New Conservative Party, for what is bound to be a very interesting interview.