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by Dieuwe de Boer · 01/12/2021 10am
John Knox's statement, "resisting tyranny is obedience to God", is grounded in two simple theological points: we are subject to authority and all authorities are subject to God.
by Dieuwe de Boer · 29/10/2021 6pm
Atheists sometimes imagine a future without religion—a utopian society ruled by science. We live in that utopia. Religion is relegated to the status of a social club, both by the regime de jure and by its practitioners de facto.
by Dieuwe de Boer · 20/10/2021 9pm
Is the vaccine the "mark of the beast"? [On request, this has been adapted from a lengthy Facebook post I made recently.] If you understand the symbolism of the number 600, 60, and 6 as representing the "full fullness of man", or a totalising system , and the historical manifestations of the mark, ...
by Sean O’Connor · 08/10/2021 9am
Public discourse is amazing. COVID-19 has probably been the biggest news event in the world since 9/11 and the Iraq War. The average Kiwi, whatever their views on the virus, lockdowns, etc, feels that they are relatively well informed.
by Dieuwe de Boer · 27/03/2021 10pm
I'm rarely so irked by a speech that I feel compelled to respond, but Christopher Luxon's maiden speech fits the bill. Politics is the very act of forcing your beliefs on others.
by Sean O'Connor · 24/03/2021 8pm
Civil disobedience by a church done correctly in the age of COVID. In Canada, many parts of the country have been under some form of lockdown for an entire year. Predictably, the economic and social costs have been devastating.