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Identity Politics

by Dieuwe de Boer · 07/01/2019 9pm
The increasing polarisation of politics and political discourse is something that many have commented on, but Dan Hannan at the Washington Examiner has found what he believes to be the root cause: falling IQ caused by increased screen time.
by S. Crawford · 21/08/2018 8pm
I spoke to someone the other day who said her daughter-in-law was Maori and grew up ashamed of it as a kid. It wasn't until she was an adult and learnt her history that the pride came. I honestly believe that is the problem nowadays.
by · 07/05/2017 8am
Laura and I were at dinner last night and Laura brought up a very good point in rebuttal to those that scoff at Dieuwe not being a "Kiwi born" and now being the head of MNZGA party . Her thoughts were this, Dieuwe has more of an incentive to make New Zealand great again than most natives, why? Well ...
by Louie Jerome · 07/02/2017 6pm
New Zealand politics aficionados went abuzz this week over the Labour Party’s announcement that former broadcaster Willie Jackson will be a candidate in the 2017 general elections under their banner. Jackson is a perennial figure in Maori affairs, his stint as a talkback radio host was used to ...
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