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Tommy Robinson Arrest
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 15/05/2017 6am
Former English Defense League leader, Tommy Robinson, was arrested outside Canterbury Courthouse in Kent, England last Wednesday for attempting to film Muslim men accused in a gang rape trial.
Waikato DHB Medical School Proposal
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 13/05/2017 8pm
Concern is mounting among medical professionals about the joint proposal from Waikato DHB and Waikato University to open a third New Zealand medical school based in the Waikato. In an exclusive, bombshell interview with Right Minds NZ, Doctor Caleb Armstrong, a psychiatrist and former employee of Waikato DHB, has questioned the capability of the ...
by Alex Eastwood-Williams · 11/05/2017 2pm
A private members bill which would have placed unemployed 15-17 year old high school drop outs into paid employment with the New Zealand Defence Force has been defeated in Parliament, by 74 votes to 45. The Youth Employment, Training and Education Bill, sponsored by New Zealand First MP Darroch Ball, sought to amend the Defence Act in order to create a ...
Euthanasia opposition stronger than thought
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 09/05/2017 9pm
Care Alliance this week published a media release confirming the results of their analysis of submissions to the Health Select Committee regarding euthanasia legislation. Pro-euthanasia advocates had questioned the quality of the anti-euthanasia submissions. Perhaps surprised at the fact that they were outnumbered more than 3 to 1 by the pro-life voices. ...
Climate Hysteria Debunked
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 07/05/2017 9pm
Further confirmation emerged this week of the sceptical position many reputable scientists take towards the more extreme predictions of the climate change industry. Alex Berezow is Senior Fellow of Biomedical Science at the American Council on Science and Health . He was writing about his experience speaking to a group of microbiologists about fake news. He ...
Saudi students caught cheating at Unitec -still pass
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 06/05/2017 6pm
In what seems like an outrageous example of academic standards being compromised, UNITEC has allegedly allowed seven electrical engineering students from Saudi Arabia pass their course despite having been caught cheating on the final exam. Apparently, the students represent over half a million dollars of income to Unitec over the coming 3 years. Read the ...
Le Pen Macron TV Debate
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 03/05/2017 10pm
Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will square off tonight in their one-on-one TV debate before Sunday's crucial second round vote in the French Presidential election. A strong performance from Le Pen could still see her close the polling gap, with plenty of undecided voters and soft support for her opponent which could lead to higher abstentions on the non ...
Labour Party UK Sacks Candidate
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 03/05/2017 9pm
The UK Labour Party has sacked one of its' general election candidates over alleged anti-Islamic tweets. Trevor Merralls, general secretary of black cab taxi drivers co-operative, denies that the twitter account in question, @wellingblueboy was his. Reports suggest, however, that there is clear evidence that it was his. He allegedly 'liked' a number of ...
Sexist legislation proposed in Australia
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 02/05/2017 9pm
The Australian Human Rights Commission is pushing for sexist quotas for all government contractors. Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, is proposing that all contractors to the government would have to employ at least 40% women. I suppose pointing out that this would be sex discrimination would be futile, but we have to try....... Click here for ...
Russian Central Bank announces alternative to SWIFT system ready
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 21/04/2017 8am
In 2014/5 some western politicians started calling for Russia to be disconnected from the SWIFT system for inter-bank transfers. Russia responded by putting in place plans to set up their own version of SWIFT.


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