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by Dieuwe de Boer · 09/03/2018 9pm

This was said a year ago by Julius Malema, a political party leader who has long been calling for the "land expropriation" that is now coming into effect. Apartheid is returning to South Africa.

by Dieuwe de Boer · 08/03/2018 8pm

When I wrote about the Iranian hand-shake affair, I was not expecting to be revisiting this topic so quickly, but this story about a

by Dieuwe de Boer · 01/03/2018 1pm

On his first day as National Party leader, when confronted by a media inquisition, Bridges recanted his stance on gay "marriage". Hang on a minute: he wasn't actually asked about it. He just volunteered that information out of the blue.

by Dieuwe de Boer · 27/02/2018 9pm

When preparing for a meeting with the Iranian ambassador, a female Labour MP was told not to shake his hand as this would be inappropriate. The problem with this "handshake snub" by the Iranian delegation isn't one of cultural understanding.

by Alex Eastwood-Williams · 14/02/2018 11pm

The resignation of Bill English as leader of the New Zealand National Party has triggered the first open leadership contest in the party since 2001, when English was elected for his first stint as party leader.

by Dieuwe de Boer · 08/02/2018 8pm

The Ministry for Primary Industries is introducing a proposal for a regulatory export assurance framework on products that are labelled halal or would require certification on export.

by Dieuwe de Boer · 05/02/2018 10am

On a quiet Wednesday last week, the Senate of the Dominion of Canada voted in favour of neutering their national anthem. The offending words "thy sons" were replaced with a more inclusive "of us".

by Dieuwe de Boer · 31/01/2018 10pm

Step one: Open a Krispy Kreme in South Auckland. That's it. Just check the local rags the next day to see how well you did.

by Dieuwe de Boer · 24/01/2018 10am

Last year I wrote about the demographics of the west as the controversy raged about how it was so inappropriate to ask Jacinda if she was going to have a baby. Never mind that she had told us she wanted a baby.

by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 22/01/2018 4pm

The new Labour-led government’s plans for its first 100 days has a depressing inevitability about it. Various lollies handed out to key voting blocks - students get the first year of tertiary education free and an extra $50 a week living allowance; family allowances to increase, and sundry other measures with cost implications


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