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Free Speech
by Aharon Livingstone · 15/07/2018 9pm
This is all the speeches at the Wellington Free Speech Rally including the introduction and a few crowd shots.
Tommy Robinson
by Right Minds NZ · 15/07/2018 9pm
Tim Levchenko-Scott speaks about Tommy Robinson at the Wellington Free speech Rally 14th July 2018
Rachel Poullain
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 15/07/2018 9pm
This is Rachel Poullain speaking at the Free Speech Rally in Wellington on 14th July 2018. She describes herself as a classical liberal and is also an artist and animal rights activist.
Lindsay Perigo
by Lindsay Perigo · 15/07/2018 5pm
This is the video of the speech Lindsay Perigo gave at the Free Speech Rally held in front of Parliement in Welligton on Saturday, July 14th 2018.. Below that is the full transcript Ladies and Gentlemen, Stefan Molyneux, one of the reasons we're here today, has a video on YouTube titled Why Free Speech Is All that Matters. In it, he argues that all the ...
by Right Minds NZ · 13/07/2018 9am
Press Release. Media Advisory. Right Minds NZ founder Dieuwe de Boer says that several Free Speech Rallies will be held around New Zealand in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch on Saturday 14 July at midday.
by Dieuwe de Boer · 10/07/2018 1pm
One man, New Conservative deputy leader Elliot Ikilei, cut through the lies of the media in a quest to discover the truth. On the issue on free speech, it is clear that the New Conservative party is rock solid.
by Dieuwe de Boer · 09/07/2018 9pm
Free speech has come under assault in our wonderful country. Join us on 12 noon, Saturday 14th July at Aotea Square in Auckland, Parliament Buildings in Wellington, and North Hagley Park in Christchurch.
by Dieuwe de Boer · 06/07/2018 8pm
Earlier today, I wrote about how certain groups had called for Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern to be denied entry to New Zealand. The event has since been cancelled. Let's have a look at how they did it and also detail some future plans for how we will strike back.
by Dieuwe de Boer · 06/07/2018 7pm
Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern were coming to speak in Auckland next month, but not everyone was happy. Both the Islamists and Antifa were up in arms about the event and threats were made that led to the cancellation of the event.
by Items on the Balustrade · 05/07/2018 9am
The fourth committee stage of the Social Security Legislation ReWrite was the perfect opportunity to observe the government benches with their hair down, so to speak. Tonight’s session was one of those procedural pantomimes that are a necessary part of the process to progress bills through the house.


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