Dieuwe de Boer
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Vaccinate Maori First

Hobson's Pledge and Taxpayer's Union have been on a rampage recently against the inevitable declaration that Maori will be prioritised by the vaccine roll-out.

Ultimately all the equality and anti-separatism fighting comes from good intent, but it's a trap. It will always be framed by the evil journalist class as inverted. So as a 2021 New Year's Resolution, why don't we just stop doing it?

We need to stop playing these stupid games. Why waste energy on liberating people who couldn't care less? It might be the right thing to do, but it's also the dumb thing to do. We all get it. Affirmative action hurts Maori and Pacific Islanders. Everyone has their stories and I witnessed it first hand at university.

The anti-poverty actions of the government destroy self-reliance and enslave their victims for generations. It's all intentional and immoral.

However, if the people pushing and accepting it are willing slaves of the government and media elites, we need to stop trying to save them against their will.

The same goes for treaty settlements and the separate Maori health system they want to set up—it costs us a few million bucks a year (cents on the dollar per citizen) to keep a bunch of greedy tribal elites sedated. Their demands for separate health and prison systems will inevitably give them even worse outcomes. The racebaiters can even get their own drinking fountains and bathrooms if the media trains them to beg for those too.

If we turn out to be wrong, all the better: we can start identifying as Maori to get the good stuff. Only a bigot would deny trans-racial people.

So go ahead, vaccinate all Maori first. More of them might start to wonder if the special treatment is really that beneficial.

The rest of us can wait to see how the experiment goes, and those of us not interested in the vaccine will happily wait forever.