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What can men do against such reckless hate?
by Right Minds NZ · 06/07/2021 8pm
In the 9th episode of the Right Minds Podcast, Dieuwe de Boer, Origen, and Tare Paurere break down the six "incitement to hatred" proposals from the Ministry of Justice and discuss New Zealand's transition to an ethno-state. We theorise how both "hate speech" legislation and constitutional changes ...
by Right Minds NZ · 25/05/2021 10pm
In the 8th episode of the Right Minds Podcast, Dieuwe and Origen continue discussing the Royal Commission Report, specifically something that did not receive any detailed treatment — paganism. Several stories from the past week show that neopagan symbols and beliefs are gaining traction in both neo ...
Right Minds Podcast 7
by Right Minds NZ · 07/05/2021 11pm
It's been two years to the month since the previous episode of the Right Minds Podcast. Guest-host Origen now joins me as my co-host and we begin discussing the Royal Commission Report into the Christchurch massacre.