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Rubicon River
by Dieuwe de Boer · 28/05/2021 8am
We don't have to defend bad behaviour, we don't have to stand up for someone with a nasty attitude, but we should defend people's right to freedom of expression.
by Right Minds NZ · 25/05/2021 10pm
In the 8th episode of the Right Minds Podcast, Dieuwe and Origen continue discussing the Royal Commission Report, specifically something that did not receive any detailed treatment — paganism. Several stories from the past week show that neopagan symbols and beliefs are gaining traction in both neo ...
Right Minds Podcast 7
by Right Minds NZ · 07/05/2021 11pm
It's been two years to the month since the previous episode of the Right Minds Podcast. Guest-host Origen now joins me as my co-host and we begin discussing the Royal Commission Report into the Christchurch massacre.