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by Hayden Macpherson · 29/06/2017 3pm
Freedom of speech is widely regarded as one of the cardinal features of a liberal democracy, and one of the most precious components of the ancient English traditions of liberty, that we here in New Zealand have inherited. Indeed, it is a matter of pride for most Kiwis that New Zealand consistently ...
Greek Hoplites
by Hayden Macpherson · 12/04/2017 1pm
I recently read this interesting article over on Social Matter. While well-written and thought-provoking, I do have some misgivings about the author's conclusions.
Queensland Highschool Graduates
by Hayden Macpherson · 14/03/2017 7pm
White Nationalists who blame all the problems of white culture on "DER JUDEN!!!" are no different than the blacks who blame all their failings on white racism. Regardless of whether or not there is some grand Jewish conspiracy to undermine the West, whining about it does nothing to solve the ...
US Bill of Rights
by Hayden Macpherson · 23/02/2017 8pm
It is common nowadays to speak of "rights" to any number of things: abortion, affordable healthcare, state benefits, etc. We are even told that certain groups (and straight white cis men are not among them) have "rights" to nebulous concepts like "a voice," "respect," "inclusion," or even "love."