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Many may be familiar with the e-commerce giant Alibaba, but about a month ago I was introduced to their more small scale AliExpress. While compared to Amazon. features a similar experience to eBay or Trademe.

Dieuwe de Boer analyses the NZ election campaign

Dieuwe de Boer of Right Minds NZ is interviewed on The Unshackled and gives an insightful rundown on the forthcoming NZ General Election.  de Boer identifies housing as probably the biggest policy issue coming into this election.

Candace Owens Sensational Infowars Interview

In this sensational interview, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones interview Candace Owens.  Articulate, hard-hitting and confident, Owens explains how she was 'force-fed' the red pill.

The Auckland University Students Association (AUSA) has voted to disaffiliate Pro-Life Auckland. 

Councillor parliamentary candidates double dipping as they campaign

Several full time sitting Councillors are continuing to draw their Council salaries whilst campaigning full time as candidates in the upcoming general election.

Once again, the most unpredictable election we've ever had changes shape following the third major resignation in four weeks: this time of United Future's sole MP Peter Dunne. 

If you think that this crazy election couldn't get any crazier, you would be wrong. It has been revealed that Labour MP Chris Hipkins colluded with the Australian Labor Party to try and bring down Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

In a supposed effort to refurbish the Auckland War Memorial Museum, reclaim space, and "connect with a younger audience", the armoury is being packed into storage.

I know what you're thinking, but please hear me out. There have been plenty of people outraged over Mike Hosking being picked to moderate the election debates since he's considered a National Party hack. But is there any unbiased person in our media class?

New Zealand politics is full of old stereotypes and mythology, but as we head into the 2017 election Right Minds NZ shines some light on some of the prevalent myths about New Zealand political parties and voters...



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