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Facebook Censorship

In yet another outrageous example of internet censorship, Facebook has disabled the Group “Kiwis United Against the Islamification of New Zealand”.  The group had only been operational a few months, but had already gained well over 600 members.

Canada Rainbow Flag

.......They are the Sons and Daughters of life's longing for itself".....So Kahil Gibran told us.

Christians allege discrimination by Muslim Doctors

Irfan Masih was clearing a blocked sewer in Pakistan's Sindh Province when he was overcome by toxic fumes. The 30-year-old, who is Christian, died in hospital.

Winston Peters kicks of the Islam debate for election year in New Zealand

It was only a matter of time before Winston Peters figured out that there are growing concerns among Kiwis about the possibility of the Muslim community increasing in New Zealand and what that might mean.

The most important British general election in a generation has resulted in a narrow victory for British unionism, and absolute humiliation for Prime Minister Theresa May. 

We have just hours to go before the great British public deliver their verdict in a contest between two, quite frankly, unthinkably awful options. 

Andrew Bolt

Leftist thugs attack Sky News presenter, Andrew Bolt at a book launch in Melbourne.  They soon found out they had bitten off more than they could chew, however.............

Check Point

The slippery slope argument gets mocked a lot – but here’s another case that proves the point:


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