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Mortgagee sale
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 27/04/2017 10am

Yes, there will be another New Zealand property crash, and, yes, it will include Auckland. In May 2015 I made a video outlining the reasons why the Auckland property market was in a bubble and so would eventually crash.

UAE World Expo 2020
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 24/04/2017 5pm

The government is never slow to take up an opportunity to spend tax payers' money on some "important" world event (think Rugby World Cup 2011- conservatively $39 million plus, America's Cup 2013  - $33 million).

Russian Central Bank announces alternative to SWIFT system ready
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 21/04/2017 8am

In 2014/5 some western politicians started calling for Russia to be disconnected from the SWIFT system for inter-bank transfers. Russia responded by putting in place plans to set up their own version of SWIFT.

by John Black · 21/04/2017 8am

Conservatism is at heart a humble philosophy. It engages with reality, not seeking to remake it. It holds that certain things are eternally true.

Syria gas attack
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 20/04/2017 8am

Stuff is always alert to its important role of herding the New Zealand public along the road of the latest war narrative. In a glaring example of media bias and blatant propaganda, Stuff dutifully puts the necessary spin on the latest events in Syria.

Greek Hoplites
by Hayden Macpherson · 12/04/2017 1pm

I recently read this interesting article over on Social Matter. While well-written and thought-provoking, I do have some misgivings about the author's conclusions.

by John Black · 11/04/2017 11am

I have a Make America Great Again hat. I wear it. It annoys people. The right kind of people. The people who need to be annoyed.

by Dieuwe de Boer · 10/04/2017 10pm

Perhaps the most controversial move of Trump's presidency among his supporters has been the decision to bomb a Syria airbase in response to a nerve gas attack on a civilian population. Let's take a look at some of the positives.

Has Trump fallen into a McCain trap ?
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 10/04/2017 9am

I’ve been a solid Trump supporter for some time now.  He seems to understand the dynamics around globalism. He understands how the money system is rigged against ordinary people.

by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 05/04/2017 8pm

It’s fair to say that the New Zealand mainstream media is not shy about covering US news stories. In fact, they rely on a steady stream of US content to flesh out their international political and news coverage with stories they know will attract readers’ attention.


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