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The International Labour Organisation -  World Government Building Block
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 13/03/2017 8pm

The New World Order. World Government. Conspiracy theories? Paranoia? The truth is, world government has been quietly creeping up on us for a long time.  In fact many important building blocks have been in place for decades - almost a century in some cases.

by Dieuwe de Boer · 02/03/2017 10pm

A new student group was formed recently, the Auckland University European Students Association (AUESA). When they publicised a stall at "O Week" (the first week of university), they received a response they did not anticipate.

by Louie Jerome · 02/03/2017 1pm

In the latest figures released by Statistics NZ, the level of net migration has breached a new record once again - soaring to 71,300 new migrants in the preceding year.

New Zealand spy agencies getting authority to spy on New Zealanders
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 28/02/2017 9am

The proposed New Zealand Security and intelligence Bill has just finished its Select Committee phase and now moves to its’ Second Reading in the House.  The purported purpose of the Bill is to streamline the activities of four agencies under one piece of legislation.

by Louie Jerome · 27/02/2017 7pm

There is a lot of debate on what being a “feminist” entails these days. In a couple of months’ time, New Zealand may be hosting a woman who can genuinely stake a claim to be a “feminist” and one who should garner the support of all those who claim to sympathize with the feminist movement.

Who will be Trump or Farage or LePen for New Zealand ?
by Tim Levchenko-Scott · 27/02/2017 8am

Without doubt there has been a major shift in the political climate around the world in the past couple of years.  Brexit and the election of Trump are the two clearest signals that more and more ordinary people are waking up to the creeping evil of globalism and all its’ manifestations.

US Bill of Rights
by Hayden Macpherson · 23/02/2017 8pm

It is common nowadays to speak of "rights" to any number of things: abortion, affordable healthcare, state benefits, etc.  We are even told that certain groups (and straight white cis men are not among them) have "rights" to nebulous concepts like "a voice," "respect," "inclusion," or even "love."

by Louie Jerome · 23/02/2017 12pm

Whenever elections draw near, always expect past failed candidates to pretend to be relevant as they try to stake a political comeback.

by Simon · 22/02/2017 9pm

Donald Trump and News Media go hand in hand. They've had a love hate relationship since Trump started raising hell on the New York property scene. For better, for worse, through thick and thin, you can rest assured that the news media have been loyally following Trumps every move.

by Andrew Ryan · 22/02/2017 10am

In plain words, halal is anything that is created under the Islamic law called sharia. There are 5 types of ahkam (which means activity) that confined the action of Moslems, halal literally means it is in the “allowed” category, whereas terms like haram means it is forbidden under Islam.


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