About Us & Our Mission

Tangata Tika o Aotearoa

Right Minds is a New Zealand based think tank that promotes a conservative worldview and publishes content from a range of right-wing perspectives.

Right Minds NZ is a broad church right-wing movement for New Zealand conservatives, libertarians, traditionalists, capitalists, and nationalists: people who share our Christian values, act to preserve our heritage, fight against social decay, and desire to see our country return to greatness.

Right Minds NZ was founded in late 2016, as a forum aimed at bringing together like-minded people who closely followed the meteoric rise of Donald Trump in the United States, which resulted in his election to the presidency. The idea quickly morphed into a blogging and news website aimed at New Zealand politics and providing a voice of opposition to the fake news media.

Our editors, writers, and contributors have ranged from traditional conservatives, to populist Tories, to right-wing libertarians, and anything in-between.