About Us & Our Mission

Tangata Tika o Aotearoa

Right Minds is a New Zealand based think tank that promotes a conservative worldview and publishes content from a range of right-wing perspectives.

Right Minds NZ was founded in late 2016, as a forum aimed at bringing together like-minded people who closely followed the meteoric rise of Donald Trump in the United States, which resulted in his election to the presidency. The idea quickly morphed into a blogging and news website aimed at New Zealand politics and providing a voice of opposition to the fake news media.

Our editors, writers, and contributors ranged from traditional conservatives, to populist Tories, to right-wing libertarians, and anything in-between.

Right Minds NZ is a broad church right-wing movement for New Zealand conservatives, libertarians, traditionalists, capitalists, and nationalists: people who share our Christian values, believe in personal responsibility, and want to see government play a lesser role in our lives.

We're not really big fans of leftists, globalists, cronyists, fascists, communists, and SJWs.