We encourage you to follow other right-wing commentators in New Zealand, here is a list of our recommendations. This is non-exhaustive and only includes those we regularly work with.

There is a growing network of decentralised projects on the right in New Zealand and we strongly suggest you support at least one of these projects with your patronage.


Reality Check Radio - the founder of our think tank has a weekly radio show with RCR on Fridays at 1pm.

The BFD - many of our contributors past and present are columnists at NZ's faster growing new media website.

The Unshackled (Australia).

Brendan Malone, Left Foot Media.

William McGimpsey, The Conservative Network.

Zealandia Heritage Foundation - preserving New Zealand's cultural heritage for future generations.

Tross Publishing - books on New Zealand history and contemporary politics favouring traditional methods of scholarship.