Beware the Globalist End-run Around Brexit

Tim Owen
Brexit, Theresa May, financial elite, military, UK Column, Trump

For a while it looked like the elite would do anything to stop Brexit from happening. London will secede! The Supreme Court will block it! The Labour Party will block it! It seems now, though that reality has dawned on the political elite. They understand that it would be political suicide to block Brexit and are not willing to run the risk of what might happen if the will of the people is so clearly ignored. The referendum was clearly flagged, had saturation media coverage and there was no confusion as to what was being voted for and what a 'leave' vote would mean. Polls suggesting Brits now have cold feet about the vote can be easily dismissed as having as much credibility as the 'push' polls leading up to the vote. All this has the same feel as the nonsense we've seen in the US since Mr Trump won the election there in November. They tried a re-count and that backfired. They tried pressuring electors to turn against him. They tried stirring paid protesters to disrupt the inauguration ceremony. Nevertheless, Mr Trump is still President. 

So, the Brexit will almost certainly happen. Theresa May's government have clearly made up their minds to make sure it happens. What worries me is that the global elite who seem to have been given such a bloody nose by Brexit and Trump will simply adjust to this new reality and continue with their plans for total control through other mechanisms. Two obvious examples stand out. The military and the financial system. 

The UK military is becoming ever more intertwined with that of the EU. A 50 year deal has was struck with the French in 2010 for military co-operation, including sharing of nuclear codes. As the UK Column has been reporting for some time, there will be no proper Brexit if the UK does not extricate itself from the alarming steps to hasten towards military union announced hours after the Brexit referendum.

Secondly, the financial system. Ultimately, the people with the real power are the central bankers and the financial elite who use politicians like puppets and can control populations as they wish using the financial system. There have been hints that some in the Trump administration favour ending the Federal Reserve and returning to the Gold Standard. This would be a stunning move and would really challenge the establishment, even more so than the Trump administration already has. I'm not aware of any similar sentiment among the UK government. Indeed, Theresa May seems to have strong ties to the financial elite and seems an unlikely leader of any steps away from central banking and fiat money printing. Indeed, this is where we see the plot unveiled. As Breitbart reported, when May spoke at Davos, she promoted both Brexit and Globalism. She is clearly making all the right noises at home to lull the voters into thinking she is going to deliver what they want, but while the UK is still controlled by the global financial elites and its' military controlled by a wider EU group, there will be no meaningful Brexit and the creeping tyranny will continue its' progress.