Beware New Zealand, the TPP Monsters are Alive and Well

Tim Owen

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water............. guess what ? The multi-national crony capitalist sharks are still circling the boat, the world government giant squid are still breeding in the shallows, and the back door communist monster creature is still lurking in the deep.

Yes folks, the TPP has not gone away. Donald Trump has not killed it. Yes, he's withdrawn the USA from the TPP, but that does not mean it ain't going to happen. Elements in both the New Zealand and Australian governments and main political parties are keen to keep the TPP going. A week after Mr Trump won the Presidential contest, New Zealand's parliament passed the bill to allow the government to ratify the TPP. Not only that, but it gets worse, they are now talking about possibly getting China to replace the USA in the deal !

The globalists have not gone away. They still control most western governments. Donald Trump's victory and the Brexit vote in the UK did not mean that we could breath easy, relax in the knowledge that the battle was won, put our feet up and get back to the football and the soaps. Far from it. The battle has only just been joined. The western world was sleep walking into a tyrannical, PC obsessed, crony capitalist, socialist nightmare. The somnolent public has been so passive for so long, the ruling elite have been taken completely by surprise by the political earthquakes of 2016. Repeating the disinformation and scare tactic campaign strategies that worked so well for the previous several decades. 

The globalists haven't gone away. They still have control of the resources to continue to pursue their agenda. The banking system still has more clout than governments. The mass media, whilst losing it's grip, still has control of the majority of information the people consume, and they are controlled by the globalists.

So stay vigilant New Zealand. The TPP is still coming straight towards us and it may be even scarier than we thought. The European Union becomes more centralised, less democratic, less free and more authoritarian by the day. If we're not careful we'll be a member of something similar before too long and once we're in it, it will no doubt drift towards a socialist super state just like the EU is. The 'new right', or whatever we want to call ourselves, need to drive the opposition to the TPP. Up to now there has been opposition to it from both the left and the right, but in NZ it's been more from the left. Now that Trump is in power, I suspect that the lefties will be less vocal about being anti-TPP as they will be seduced into thinking that being anti Trump's USA is more important to them, so the liberty/freedom/nationalist opposition will need to lead the way.