The Clinton Foundation must be Audited and the Clintons Held to Account

Tim Owen

The dust is now settling after the epic US Presidential election. Donald J Trump has finally been sworn in. The world is transfixed to see how the first few days and weeks of his administration will unfold. Let's not forget, however, one of the major scandals highlighted during the bitter campaign. The shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative (which is now in the process of being closed down) and other spin off entities. Opinion is divided on whether there will be consequences for the Foundation and its associates. In August, Forbes magazine suggested that it would pass an IRS audit were one to go ahead. In November, however, Wikileaks revelations appeared to show that the Foundation had paid for Chelsea Clinton's wedding and 10 years of her rather expensive lifestyle, among other activities clearly beyond the stated purpose of the charitable entity. 

It's a complex and difficult topic on which to get a grasp of the key issues. Lionel of Lionel Media, however, has published an interview with Charles Ortel which does a great job outlining several key areas where the Clinton Foundation has clearly been breaking the law and knowingly operating well beyond its legal limits. Lionel, former radio talk show host, former prosecutor, practicing lawyer and legal and media analyst does a great job of unpacking the wealth of information gathered by Ortel. Charles Ortel, investor and writer, former Wall Streeter has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for some time and is an authority on the subject. He is convinced that serious fraud has taken place. In this in depth interview, the two break down the key points concisely and intelligently. If you don't have time to watch the whole interview, the key take aways are:

1) The Foundation was never set up properly in the first place and so was operating illegally from day one.
2) It did not stick to its stated purpose and activities (an important matter to retain charitable status).
3) Accounts were either filed late or not filed at all.
4) Large sums are unaccounted for (i.e. 100s of millions).
5) does not meet criteria for tax exempt status thus exposing donors, including good-faith charitable donors, to tax claw-back risks.

That's without getting in to where all the money went and the various political leveraging, bribery and manipulation occurring using the foundation, not to mention the millions sent from New Zealand by our government who were going to send more. The full interview is well worth the time and can be found below.

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