Taxpayer money given to the Clinton Foundation

Dieuwe de Boer

Did you know that you, the taxpayer, have generously donated $7.7 million to the Clinton Foundation? The money was given to an affiliate of the foundation, the "Clinton Health Access Initiative". Earlier this month, the Taxpayers' Union revealed that the Government has budgeted another $5.5 million of your money to give to the controversial organisation over the next two years. This week, they released a video asking people "would you donate to the Clinton Foundation?"

The Taxpayers' Union has set up a petition to call for this funding to be stopped immediately:

We call on Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully to veto MFAT's decision to give another $5.5 million of NZ Aid money to the Clinton Foundation's 'Health Access Initiative'.

Many have been angered by this news and have argued that this money could be better spent in New Zealand. Others have also voiced concerns specific to the Clinton Foundation, as covered by our contributor Tim Levchenko-Scott earlier this week.

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