Everyone I Don't Like is Hitler

Dieuwe de Boer
Punch more Nazis

Everyone I don't like is Hitler

On Tuesday 8th February, I got to experience the "new left" firsthand, for the second time in my life. Within five minutes of arriving, the handful of police officers on the scene radioed for backup. Time and time again, the police told us they could not continue to guarantee our safety against the crowd chanting "no walls, no borders," holding signs that said "shelter more refugees, punch more Nazis," and "smash the fash." Of course, by that they meant that Trump is Hitler and anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi. When everyone is a Nazi, no one is a Nazi.

While I have much criticism for the trolls among us, they made me realise something as I was on my way home that night. On our side there was someone in a t-shirt that said "Right Wing Death Squad" with a helicopter on it. No one on the other side knew the meaning of the joke, and it is unlikely that everyone reading this would get the joke too, which is why I think it is a terrible one. Occasionally he'd yell something in German and talk about physical removal of leftists, but there was a catch, this "white supremacist" was Chinese. He gave his name as Sam Hyde, another joke lost on everyone but one fake news reporter who clearly seemed capable of doing a Google search of his name, while being completely incapable of putting aside her bias to do any critical research into Islam.

Let's say that this "Sam Hyde" were a real Nazi. You've just called me a Nazi, so what are you going to call him? You are now no longer capable of making a distinction between a possible fascist and someone condemning a seventh-century death cult. In the playbook of the new left, anyone who disagrees with them is Hitler. And when everyone is Hitler, no one is Hitler. This is perhaps one of the more dangerous aspects of their belief system, but when your entire ideology hedges on destroying western civilisation it is hard to pick which aspects are worse than others.

Things would have escalated to violence, but the police did their job well, going to the trouble of giving us a police escort away from Aotea Square and then had two police bikes tail us for about twenty minutes.

Italian writer Ennio Flaiano once said something to this effect: "There are two kinds of fascists: fascists and anti-fascists." Indeed, in the space of a month, we have had Richard Spencer (a white nationalist), Milo Yiannopoulos (a conservative, gay, Catholic, Jewish journalist), and Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg (a YouTuber with 55 million subscribers) all being called Nazis by various "news" organisations. The supposed "anti-fascist" movement calls anyone they don't like a Nazi, and the media just repeats it.

We are at war. This is not a war that will be fought with bombs and bullets, but a war of ideas. Losing this war will mean the end of western civilisation, but victory will ensure survival.

On Wednesday 8th February at 9:30am, I was interviewed on the Leighton Smith Show (NewstalkZB radio) and shared my experience at the anti-Trump rally. We discuss Islam and the war for western values. You can listen to it here:

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