Midweek Politics: Election Day, Compulsory Te Reo, Greg O'Connor, Gareth Morgan, and Willie Jackson

Dieuwe de Boer

We take a look at the announcement for election day, a new Green/Labour policy for compulsory Maori lessons, a Labour challenger in Ohariu, Gareth Morgan goes full-racist, and Willie Jackson might be making the jump to Labour.

Election Day Announced: September 23

Prime Minister Bill English announced 2017's election day: September 23.

We should be expecting an increase in policy announcements, candidacies, and possibly even a few new political parties. Some factions have been more quiet than usual and it will be interesting to see the directions they choose to go in.

Stay tuned here at Right Minds NZ for coverage throughout the year as things continue to heat up.

Green Party Announces Compulsory Te Reo

The Green Party announced a policy that would result in Maori being a compulsory subject for Year 1-10 throughout the nation's state schools. The Labour Party is backing the policy, although with some hesitation.

It is not clear how they would find enough teachers competent and fluent enough to teach Maori in every school. One in five students leaves school without any qualifications, and about 40% of NZ adults are functionally illiterate.

Labour's Greg O'Connor to Challenge Peter Dunne in Ohariu

Greg O'Connor has announced that he is standing for the Labour Party this election. United Future's Peter Dunne has said he is not worried and will be standing to defend his seat.

As President of the Police Association, Greg O'Connor made many inflammatory statements about NZ's legitimate firearms users, while defending lapses in police action. He has made many calls for arming the police, while wanting to place even more restrictions on the sport and hunting community.

Mount Albert By-Election: Gareth Morgan Wants to "Make New Zealand Fair Again"

Today Gareth Morgan from The Opportunities Party announced that his party is standing Geoff Simmons in Mt. Albert. He spoke out against carpetbagging, stating it was why he did not stand himself.

Morgan denounced Winston Peters as a "traitor to Maori" who was after "white trash votes," while bashing white reporters and calling for more entitlements to be given to Maori.

He spoke out against Labour and the Greens for not doing enough to make NZ more fair, criticizing National in the same way.

Willie Jackson Goes Labour?

In another interesting twist, it looks like Willie Jackson will be standing as a Labour Party candidate in the Tamaki Makaurau electorate. Something to keep an eye out, as Labour, Mana, and the Maori Parties slog it out for NZ's seven racist "Maori only" seats.