Mainstream media suppressing huge paedophile bust story

Tim Owen

It’s fair to say that the New Zealand mainstream media is not shy about covering US news stories. In fact, they rely on a steady stream of US content to flesh out their international political and news coverage with stories they know will attract readers’ attention. Earlier today (2 April 2017) I went to the New Zealand Herald website. In the search feature for the site I typed in ‘Trump’ and pressed enter. I counted no less than 77 stories relating to or mentioning Donald Trump dated either 1st or 2nd of April. So, literally in the last 2 days alone they’ve got 77 Trump stories apart from whatever other US content they may have which didn’t mention the President. Everything from the Russian meddling scandal to Trump settling a lawsuit for $25million, to a story painting General Flynn in a bad light. You get the idea, mostly negative stories feeding the anti-Trump narrative.

So with this penchant for US content you would think they’d jump at the chance to cover what could be one of the biggest stories of the century never mind the year. That’s the mass arrests taking place across the US of paedophile child traffickers. You could argue the Herald does cover these sort of stories. A further search showed several examples of the Herald covering child trafficking arrests and scandals at various times. What’s not happening though is the sort of big-headline, top table coverage and making the links with the power elite.

The top layer of the news is the only news a lot of people take in. This is the ‘narrative’.  One of the most important roles of the mainstream media is to control ‘the narrative’.  The narrative currently is (amongst other things)  ‘Donald Trump’s administration is unpopular/incompetent/on the verge of collapse or impeachment, is controlled by the Russians’  So anything which would generate popular support for the President gets little or no coverage. It definitely does not make it to the top slice, narrative controlling main coverage pieces which the readers are guided towards. At any given time there will be 2 or 3 main political scandal stories getting most of the coverage. The major clamp down on child trafficking paedophiles across the USA, which has apparently been given the green light by the Trump administration should undoubtedly be one of them at the moment, but it isn’t.

The reason I say it could be one of the biggest stories of the century is because of the growing mountain of evidence that the political establishment in many countries, plus the United Nations is riddled with active paedophiles. Powerful forces love to have control over politicians and what better way to control someone than to either feed their appetite for child sex and/or threaten them with exposure if they don’t use their political position as you wish. Not to mention that folk with this sort of inclination would want to get themselves into positions of leverage and power to get what they want. Let’s look at a handful of examples of this phenomenon. Former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, now widely acknowledged as an active paedophile with a preference for young boys. Dennis Hastert, former speaker of the House of Representatives in the US, who would abuse teenage boys at Penn State University and traffick wrestling team participants to Washington DC. Another British MP exposed for his paedophilia was Cyril Smith. There are plenty of other examples.

Undoubtedly, supporting and encouraging law enforcement to follow through with busting paedophile rings would be a political winner. There would be widespread public support for cleaning house in this way. The Trump administration appears to have sent the message out that it backs this work. The arrests made this year in California were well over double those made in 2016. The question is when will this story and its’ connections to powerful people become top table material for the mainstream press.

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