77% of Submissions to Euthanasia Health Select Committee Oppose Euthanasia

Tim Owen
Euthanasia opposition stronger than thought

Care Alliance this week published a media release confirming the results of their analysis of submissions to the Health Select Committee regarding euthanasia legislation.  Pro-euthanasia advocates had questioned the quality of the anti-euthanasia submissions.  Perhaps surprised at the fact that they were outnumbered more than 3 to 1 by the pro-life voices.  

Care Alliance volunteers checked each and every submission and categorised them for opinion (pro or anti euthanasia), length  and also whether they used religious arguments.  Their analysis was then verified by an independent research company.  The conclusion was that 77% of the submissions were anti-euthanasia.  Matthew Jansen, Secretary of the Alliance said that “the submissions reflect the depth and breadth of public attitudes about euthanasia.  We believe it is the largest number of submissions ever received by a Select Committee and, critically, they were unique rather than ‘postcard’ or ‘form’ submissions.”