Can They Hold It Together?

Dieuwe de Boer

It's chaos over at Green HQ, just like this time last week it was chaos over at Labour HQ. They say a week is a long time in politics. Seven days ago Andrew Little was Labour leader and the Greens had reached a new high in the polls.

Jacinda Ardern has since struggled to differentiate herself, other than being a younger female version of this week's Labour leader. The new slogan is the same as the old slogan: a hashtag lifted from an inspirational meme page. The "Memorandum of Understanding" is still in place. She hasn't asked Metiria Turei to resign. Her deputy leader only made headlines for his personal insults aimed at the opposition.

The Greens face scandal after scandal. First it was a lie, then welfare fraud, then electoral fraud, now two MPs have resigned. Now they're attempting to discredit their former MPs, but it seems like only the party faithful are going to buy it.

National has tried to keep quiet, their own scandals, which are just par for the course, are being overshadowed by the more interesting raging infernos on the left. But that's a gamble too, "boring Bill" isn't going to convince the voters to come out, while "interesting Bill" seems to be interesting for all the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, Winston is laughing all the way to the pub. And I am just about ready to join him for a drink or two.

It's just 6 short weeks to the election. It's still 6 long weeks to the election. Can they hold it together? Can we hold it together?

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