Taxpayers Union Call out Councillors Rorting System as they Stand for Parliament

Tim Owen
Beehive NZ Parliament

Several full time sitting Councillors are continuing to draw their Council salaries whilst campaigning full time as candidates in the upcoming general election.   The Taxpayers Union have exposed this outrageous rort of the system and named and shamed 3 offenders.  

Denise Lee (Auckland Councillor, standing for National in Maungakiekie); Wellington’s Deputy Mayor, Paul Eagle (standing for Labour in Rongotai); and Andy Foster (a Wellington Councillor standing for NZ First).  These three individuals are collectively being paid over $100,000.00 over the period of 90 day regulated campaigning period in their full time Council positions despite campaigning full time to achieve their goal of becoming MPs.  


The Taxpayers Union has started a petition calling for a rule to be introduced to prevent candidates being paid by ratepayers whilst they stand for parliament.


Whilst these three get the brickbats, the bouquets go to Hastings Mayor, Lawrence Yule and Councillor Adrienne Pierce who both took two months unpaid leave and will resign on August 28th.  This will save the Hastings ratepayers around $72,000.00 dollars.  Both are standing for National.  Yule in Tukituki and Pierce in Palmerston North.