Andy Oakley - Why Do We Have Racist Legislation in New Zealand?

Andy Oakley

Below is a transcript of a video, Why do we have racist legislation in New Zealand, by Andy Oakley. Published here with permission from the author.

“Racist” the word everyone loves to use. But I find that the use of the word fascinating because I am firmly in the scientific camp that there is no such thing. Perhaps the largest scientific research project ever conducted The Human Genome Project demonstrated that as far as science goes race simply does not exist. 

You would expect then that the schools in New Zealand would teach this vitally important information about how their students fit into the world as individuals. And you might also expect that the concept would flow through the education system, on into the workplace and be the cornerstone of our wonderful democracy. A democracy in which each individual has equal rights, just as it states in Article Three of our Treaty of Waitangi.

Of course as I got half through that last sentence the penny would have dropped for New Zealand viewers. 

Actually what happens is the minute our children enter the archaic education system in New Zealand they are quickly catagorised as either Maori or non-Maori.

This occurs because The Treaty of Waitangi is one of the eight principles in the New Zealand Education System. Specifically on page 9 of the curriculum it states "The curriculum acknowledges the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, and the bicultural foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand. All students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of te reo Māori me ōna tikanga."

A similar situation exists in the Health Sector and just about every other sector there is. If you wish to keep your job in these sectors you are forced to acknowledge the special place Maori and their wonderful culture have in New Zealand society. As if somehow they are different from the rest of us and live in some different kind of culture, if it happened in New Zealand it could only be New Zealand.

This has all come about because of the introduction of the ToW Act 1975, which tells us that Queen Victoria and the Maori people of New Zealand entered into a Treaty on Feb 6th 1840. Maori people are described in the Act as follows: Maori means a person of the Maori race of New Zealand; and includes any descendant of such a person. This legislation is like Eugenics in reverse, Maori are created out of thin air as it is now unfashionable to be a New Zealander.

Because all of this sounded quite racist to me and the fact that many of the Maori I grew up with in Cannons Creek were going backwards socially, I took it upon myself to research this Treaty and have written a couple of books on the subject. My research uncovered a number very worrying things including fraud and an increasing slide into an Apartheid system of governance. 

The very thing we were famous for protesting against in the 1980s. 

For the sake of our grandchildren we need to stop this slide immediately.

Either The Human Genome Project have got it horribly wrong or there is no such thing as the Maori Race. I’m going with sScience and I suspect the former is true which puts all this compulsory Maoriness in our schools, health sector, local and central government and our legislation in serious jeopardy.

I suspect that the powers that be are on to the fact that the racist walls are about to come tumbling down because if one mentions that Maori are not or were never a race, its labelled as hate speech, that’s right if I repeat a scientific fact and reference the Human Genome Project as evidence, I will be silenced.

You don’t believe me?

Well, I was asked to give a presentation on the Foreshore and Seabed Act at Kapiti College. When the teacher became aware I may question the very existence of this separate race, my presentation was cancelled and all my preparation time a complete waste. I was racially bullied on Prime TV by Mihirangi Forbes for daring to want equal rights. When a Knight of the Realm who had been a pillar of his community questioned the Treaty he was racially bullied into submission. Nelson Library cancelled a talk on the Treaty by Bruce Moon for fear an uproar. A Health and safety risk they said. 

On and on it goes free speech is not allowed, unless it is what the government wants to hear, I see shades of 1930s Germany in my own country. 

New Zealanders need understand the truth. There was, and is, no Maori Race living in New Zealand. The term Maori, describing a single or separate group of people, was not even in use when the Treaty was signed in 1840. Consequently Maori people are not even mentioned in the Treaty, they couldn’t have been, they didn’t exist.

It was the ignorance about ‘race’ at the time which allowed for the categorisation of all the brown skinned people who looked similar as one race called Maori. This occurred during the 1840s, not before it. 

The Treaty is clearly addressed to all the people of New Zealand “ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tireni”. I explain this in detail in my Book Once We Were One, the Fraud of Modern Separatism” 

The people of New Zealand were simply known as New Zealanders, they were made up of 600 or so separate tribes. When I say separate I mean many looked quite different from each other, most of the early explorers wrote that there were three kinds of different people in New Zealand, some as white as their European sailors. No one knows for sure which of these tribes arrived first, or that earlier types of people may have been exterminated or inter married into the population and nether should it matter one iota. 

Except that the racist legislation, The ToW Act 1975, creates people of the Maori race from thin air and attributes them all manner of rights and privileges. Successive governments have pandered to ever more fanciful claims of oppression by these modern day western snowflakes masquerading as Maori’s. Because successive governments have simply crumbled to the racist demands by these Treatyists their wildly fanciful claims that Maori were treated no better than dogs has become our new history.

Yet, the New Zealanders were found in the process of genocide before there was any substantial European intervention in the early 1800s and today they live better than 99.999 % of any human that ever lived. And as I have explained earlier they and their culture, which is remarkably like western culture, value your family and respect authority etc, are placed on a pedestal in New Zealand where all non-Maori are second class citizens.

Unfortunately; the answer as to why we have racist legislation in New Zealand is because we have racist legislation. 

Either that Act and all racial policies in New Zealand must be repealed or Science must come up with a new definition for the Maori race and we need a referendum which clearly allows us the choice as to whether we want to be a racist country or not.

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