New Zealand Public Schools Teach Kids How to Use Meth Safely

Dieuwe de Boer

Earlier this week, a shocked parent revealed, via Facebook, a pamphlet that her daughter had been given at Massey High, which included information about to hide and use meth.

> On Tuesday students were given a pamphlet published by, which included a guideline about how best to use the Class A drug. It told them to keep less than five grams for personal use to avoid being prosecuted, and advised them that swallowing meth is safer than injecting it.

The pamphlet also provided tips about eating regularly and keeping hydrated while under the influence of meth.

A woman whose daughter was given the pamphlet posted pages from it on Facebook, which attracted outrage from others in the school community.

- Newshub

It gets better.

… the pages that were circulated on social media were "two out of literally hundreds" from a lengthy book containing material from a New Zealand Drug Foundation educational programme, which is funded by the Ministry of Health.

The government-issued information is publically [sic] available on the internet.

There's your taxpayers' money at work: helping druggies find ways to kill themselves more safely with drugs.

The school defended the pamphlet in a post they made on Facebook:

The material published on social media is one of many resources available to the students for their investigation and analysis. It is not explicitly taught to the students. However, when taken in context of the rest of the booklet (which is aimed at current users who are looking at ways to stop) the dangers of using methamphetamine are apparent.

Don't worry, it's all about helping kids avoid drugs. Just like how sex education was going to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy, but instead has just become a vehicle for normalising ever increasing degenerate behaviour and mental illness.

What started out as a story about an isolated case of a school teaching "safe drug use" turned out to be a programme that every public school has been running for a while. Nothing will change for the better, because those who actually care likely abandoned the public indoctrination sector a long time ago.

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