Auckland Kicks Off Global Protests To Free Tommy Robinson

Dieuwe de Boer

This morning at 12 noon in Aotea Square, Auckland, a group of around 60 free speech activists gathered to protest the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson by the UK government for reporting on the Muslim rape gang court cases.

It was the first in what will be a global protest movement at British embassies and consulates around the world, with the main event being at Whitehall in the United Kingdom. Prominent figures like UKIP's Gerard Batten, Breitbart's Raheem Kassam, and PVV's Geert Wilders will be present. Tens of thousands worldwide are expected to attend these events.

The movement is calling for an end to the political imprisonment and persecution of Tommy Robinson, who was arrested for "breach of the peace" and jailed for "contempt of court" with a 13 month sentence after peacefully livestreaming outside of a court on the last day of Muslim rape gang trial. The British mainstream media refuses to talk about these rape gangs, which have often been operating for decades, and Tommy Robinson was the lone voice to bring these cases to prominence on social media. The judge who sentenced Tommy initially ordered a complete blackout of his case, by forbidding anyone to talk about his imprisonment.

I did a short Facebook livestream and was able to take some photos of the "Free Tommy Global - Auckland" event organised by NZ Islamic State Watch. I was also able to talk to some English expats, one who used to be a cop. He had personal stories of encountering victims of FGM and the increasing political correctness of the British police forces which eventually drove away or expelled those who were uncomfortable with the increases in barbaric Islamisation they saw in their own country. Their warning to us: don't let it happen here. In part, that's what these events throughout the commonwealth are for: not just to stand in solidarity with Tommy and his friends, but to stay vigilant and spread awareness that these nightmarish scenes from the United Kingdom could soon be unfolding in our own neighbourhoods.

The Melbourne event followed soon after, attended by our friends at The Unshackled was next, with an even better turnout. As the sun rises on England, the largest of these rallies will soon be bearing down on the seat of British government.

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