New Conservative's Elliot Ikilei Demolishes RadioLive's Wendyl Nissen On Free Speech

Dieuwe de Boer

As the Lauren Southern controversy has raged, various parties, like ACT and National, timidly expressed their support for free speech, but denounced the views of two Canadians they clearly knew nothing about. The hapless Simon Bridges even went so far as to support Phil Goff's right-wing speaker ban.

One man, New Conservative deputy leader Elliot Ikilei, cut through the lies of the media in a quest to discover the truth. On the issue on free speech, it is clear that the New Conservative party is rock solid.

You see, in this day and age you don't have to take the word of the extremely biased left-wing media as gospel. You can go and check it out for yourself. You'll find nothing much controversial in the views of Lauren and Stefan. You'll find interesting discussions on every topic under the sun and you'll find quality investigative journalism that puts the fake news to shame. But you won't find evidence of the accusations of racism, hatred, and white supremacy levelled by the left.

Elliot Ikilei want into the lion's den and sparred with Wendyl Nissen of RadioLive for 15 minutes in an ear-bleeding interview which consists mostly of Nissen repeating herself. She starts off with the usual lie-filled line of attack and Elliot Ikilei rebuffs her with facts. He challenges her to provide proof of her statements.

Her response? "If you google it, if you spend enough time looking, I'm sure you can find they've said these things." Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the pinnacle of radio hosting in this country. Shut it all down and go home, we have a winner. Don't actually watch any videos by Lauren or Stefan, just google for some radical left source like the Huffington Post and they'll tell you what Lauren really meant to say.

The bulk of her argument is to conflate normal opinions with more repugnant ones. Opposition to the supremacist ideology of Islam, a factual affirmation of the two genders, a rejection of feminism, a rejection of uncontrolled/mass immigration, and the acknowledgement that multiculturalism is a failure are all common-sense conservative positions. Normal people who don't live in la-la-land believe those things, because they're factual.

She then mixes in accusations of hatred, white supremacy, and holocaust denial in a sad attempt to discredit all the other perfectly valid opinions. While I've seen virtually all of Lauren's videos, and a great showcase of her style is the Farmlands documentary, I haven't seen many of Stefan's videos. That's because the man makes 3-hour videos on a regular basis. He's a philosopher who discusses every topic under the sun. That doesn't mean he agrees with any particular topic, he just enjoys, like most rational people, to question, to learn, to study, and to probe ideas.

One of these objectionable topics raised by Wendyl is the "race and IQ" question, which I don't have have space to cover, but the shortest video (clocking in at 30 minutes) I could find of Stefan on the Rubin Report clearly shows that Stefan is anything but a racist or white supremacist. If he really did, for instance, deny the holocaust in one of his many hundreds of hours of video, I'm sure the media would have led with "Holocaust denier Stefan Molyneux". The fact that they don't means you can add it to the long list of left-wing fantasies that have never happened.

At one point Wendyl gets so flustered that the best "insult" she can come up with is to compare Elliot Ikilei to President Donald Trump.

Well, Elliot didn't say it, but I will: Wendyl, you are fake news!

There is no way that Elliot Ikilei agrees with everything Lauren Southern or Stefan Molyneux have to say. I don't either. They disagree with each other on a whole host of topics too. That's what makes the whole thing interesting and fun.

This is where we come to Wendyl's constant "I believe in free speech, but" statements. She has the audacity to defend using rate-payers' money on speakers and exhibitions that Ikilei finds offensive, like upside-down crucifixes and depictions of Mary as a prostitute. While at the same time, she argues that people she finds offensive need to go and find their own private venue. At short notice and after being de-platformed. She's not just a hypocrite, she also lacks any sense of irony and self-awareness.

She then goes full racist and ageist by challenging definitely-not-white Elliot Ikilei to find an "old white rich man" who will rent out a ferry so that the "ten people" who want to listen to Lauren and Stefan can do so. Who was complaining about hatred five minutes ago? Oh yeah, the hypocritical crazy radio host, who is proud of being so far left that you can't find a single conservative opinion on her twitter feed.

You would think Wendyl could appreciate that, as long as you are not breaking the law, council venues should be equal access. What if the next time the boot is on the other foot? The problem with these leftists is that they are incredibly short-sighted and hateful people who can't imagine a situation where they'd be on the receiving end of their own prejudiced policies.

New Conservative deputy leader Elliot Ikilei did a great job in standing up for himself, his beliefs, free speech, and two Canadians who were being slandered by fake news host Wendyl Nissen.

The full interview is attached below. Unlike with the unhinged left, you don't have to take my word for anything I've said above. You can go straight to the source, if you dare.