Political Intimidation: Goff, Muslims, Marxists Unite To Ban Right Wing Speakers

Dieuwe de Boer

Earlier today, I wrote about how certain groups had called for Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern to be denied entry to New Zealand. The event has since been cancelled. Let's have a look at how they did it and also detail some future plans for how we will strike back. We will make this happen one way or another.

First up was the Federation of Islamic Associations New Zealand (FIANZ), New Zealand's organisation dedicated to the Islamisation of the country via sharia law. They make New Zealand consumers pay jitza, an Islamic tax, via something called "Halal Certification" of various food products, usually (but not limited to) on any item that contains any animal products. These funds go to funding mosques, schools, and various other proselytisation activities to spread the Islamic religion. They also seek to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws, and in this case did so successfully. Lauren had trolled the UK by distribution leaflets that said "Allah is a gay god", which beautifully highlighted the hypogracy of the left's multicultural rainbow narrative. You see, that's blasphemy because Allah isn't so keen on gays. By having Lauren denied entry to New Zealand, they make a start on enforcing such blasphemy laws right here.

Next up, was Auckland mayor Phil Goff, who stated that "venues shouldn't be used to stir up … religious tensions." Which means if FAINZ doesn't like you, you can say goodbye to holding an event in Auckland. This kind of political intimidation from a left-wing mayor is a pretty low-blow. He's just banned any conservative or right-wing speaker from Auckland venues, as the left-wing snowflakes can't handle anything other than Marxist dogma.

Next up was the usual violent group of Marxists, this time under the banner of "Peace Action". The script for them is simple: intimated, threaten, blockade, and pull some strings with their politicians. There are plenty of SJW MPs in the Green and Labour caucuses, not to mention local councils. They're a bunch of fat women and soy-boys  on welfare (I know, I've seen them in action), but the recipe is simply to put enough pressure down. Then they don't even need to show up. The tactics clearly worked in this case, as you can see from the following email that ticket holders received:

Lastly, was Immigration NZ, who denied Lauren Southern her automatic VISA because of her being banned from the UK for her presence being "not conducive to the public good" (code for "you violated sharia law"). It's probably possible to get her a VISA with some good lawyering, which Axiomatic had been working on.

We're looking into picking that up from our side, because we can't let the commie bastards win. It may not be in August, but the wheels have been put in motion for another attempt to get Lauren Southern into New Zealand. Stay tuned.

There will also be more events, and right-wing speakers just as controversial touring Australasia, so I can promise that we will be ready next time. 

The best news is that there will be livestream held for all the people of New Zealand to watch for free on the internet. We'll be providing details as they become available. Lauren and Stefan have a message for us and it will be heard.

There are two petitions out there calling for freedom of speech to be defended by both the cancelling venue Auckland Live and also Immigration NZ. Both seem unlikely to do so however, at least not without legal action.