Have I Been Outed as the Leader of Auckland Antifa?

Dieuwe de Boer

It's been over two months since I attended the Nigel Farage event in Auckland, but a few weeks ago someone sent me a link to the above tweet. Hearing Nigel speak was a great experience, and my friend Alex wrote all about how it went. You can watch the treatment that attendees were subjected to by the Antifa mob via my livestream on the night. I thought that I was just some guy who put his opinions on the internet in the hopes that someone, or anyone, would find them interesting.

But on that fateful night, they promoted me to leader of the "NZ Fascist Movement" – colloquially known as "Tamaki Anti-Fascist Action". I was surprised, as I had thought that maybe Valerie "Molotov" Morse or even Golriz "No Human Right Is Absolute" Ghahraman held that title.

"Now, now," you say, "that's not true. Antifa are actually communists." You'd be right – they openly advocate the overthrow of capitalism. Yet there are only two fundamental differences between national socialism and international socialism: their views on the nation-state and private property. Communists believe that both should be abolished while fascists want to retain them – but with strict controls on capital and infrastructure. What do they agree on? From their hatred of free speech and capitalism to their love for public education, healthcare, transportation, and welfare to their coerced collectivism: communists and fascists have very much in common. In practise, both turn into tyrannical authoritarian mass-murdering machines.

This is because fundamentally both teach that the state, or community, is more important than the individual; that capitalism and classical liberalism are inherently selfish and therefore evil. Both require a form of groupthink in which dissent must be crushed by force. Dinesh D'Souza briefly explores the ideas of Giovanni Gentile, the philosopher behind fascism, in this short video:

Some have suggested that I need to pursue defamation charges, but that would require two things that have not yet happened, nor are likely to happen: (a) some Twitter account run by washed up anarchists needs be able to damage my reputation, and (b) they need to actually have money to pay out.

So why do they run around calling people like myself and Mr Farage fascists? Is it because we believe that the nation-state is indispensable to the survival of civilisation and that communism really sucks? Perhaps, but the conservatives and liberals across the channel from Europe believed that too even as they fought against the Axis powers. Yet here is an interesting dilemma, the twitter antifa types across the Pacific recently managed to get former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly to apologise for quoting Winston Churchill. They hate Sir Churchill almost as much (or more?) than they hate Herr Hitler. Strange? Not really if you have a basic understanding of the Marxist end-game.

I don't mind if they call me names, but they can at least ballpark my ideology correctly. I'm more than happy to admit that I love free markets and Her Majesty the Queen. I love appropriating other people's cultures. I enjoy both the classical conservative and classical liberal schools of philosophy and politics. I believe that individualism trumps communalism.

So take your pick: conservative, capitalist, imperialist, coloniser, or right-wing nut job. Even "far right" isn't so bad. I am indeed very far to the right of Marx, Gentile, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Che and every other socialist mass-murdering lunatic out there.

When you're standing on the corpses of a hundred million people who didn't get socialism "quite right", you need a very powerful boogeyman to scare people with. Their bankrupt socialist ideology has failed over and over and over again. Their ideas can quite literally destroy civilisations and starve entire nations to death.

The angry communists simply cannot compete on the stage of ideas and civilised discourse. That's why they've given up and resorted to chanting "shame" while beating you over the head with blow-up poop emojis.

I've got some free advice for them: take a long hard look in the mirror.

Addendum: for those who would accuse me of "being as bad as them" by using derogatory labels, I should repeat here that they openly identify as communists and their organisation is named after an actual German communist street-thug group. Here is the list of official organisations who organised and participated in the anti-Farage rally. Spot a pattern?

  • Tamaki Anti Fascist Action
  • Auckland Peace Action
  • People Against Prisons Aotearoa
  • International Socialist Organisation UoA
  • Pacific Panther Network
  • Racial Equality Aotearoa
  • Tamaki Makaurau Anarchists
  • International Socialist Organisation, NZ
  • Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • South Auckland Muslim Association