National MPs Prevalent at March for Life

Tim Owen
March for Life 2018

Around 1,000 people turned out for the March for Life in Wellington today, along with no less than 2 National MPs and a former National Prime Minister. Sir Bill English and wife, Dr Mary English, were keeping a low profile in the crowd, but two other National MPs gave impassioned speeches supporting the anti-abortion cause of March for Life.

This was the third annual march and the numbers and the passion of the marchers gave a clear indication of the level of support there is among ordinary New Zealanders for the pro-life position.  With abortion law reform currently under consideration in New Zealand it's good to see MPs prepared to take a stand on the matter.  National have kept it as a conscience issue at this stage with Simon Bridges not instructing his 56 MPs on how he wants them to vote. The New Conservative party has made a policy position of being anti-abortion.

Here is Simon O'Connor's speech:

Here is Alfred Ngaro's speech:



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