New Zealand Government Allegedly Interfering With Official Petition Process As It Attempts To Cover Its Blushes Over Migrant Compact

Tim Owen
Winston Peters

A plucky Kiwi woman has made a courageous stand against globalism and its attempts to destroy national sovereignty. It now seems that her attempt to use the proper channels to communicate the public’s discontent with the New Zealand government’s signing of the UN global Compact for Migration are being deliberately sabotaged in a blatant attempt to silence the the people’s voice.

Carol Sakey was outraged when she learnt about the UN Global Compact for Migration, what it will mean for New Zealand, and the fact that the government seemed to be trying to quietly send a couple of ministers and some officials to Morocco to sign it whilst it got minimal media coverage here at home. She decided to start a petition to parliament so that ordinary Kiwis could tell the government what they thought of the prospect of New Zealand agreeing to and signing the UN Global Compact for Migration.

The petition requests: “That the House of Representatives urge the Government to confirm that it will not sign the United Nations Global Compact for Migration.” The reason for the petition is given as: “New Zealand already has many constraints that affect all New Zealanders' lives: housing, health, mental health, economic, and other important factors relating to everyday life in New Zealand. I believe the Government is unable to fulfill the basic human needs for many people in New Zealand, let alone more refugees or migrants. In my view, the UN Migration Compact leaves New Zealand open to illegal migrants entering our country.”

Now the New Zealand government appears to be deliberately sabotaging her efforts. There are reports of the petition being interfered with and additional names not being added. The petition has been stuck on 5446 signatures all day today, after achieving that number in just 9 days. (Right Minds has conducted its own test and established that new signatures are no longer being added to the total.)

Once the petition started circulating on social media, New Zealanders were quick to patronise it and send a message to the government. At the time of writing, nearly five and a half thousand people had signed in just nine days.

The government have clearly miscalculated. Thousands of New Zealanders have taken to social media to voice their disquiet with what is taking place.  There is clearly a great deal of anger and disbelief that this can be happening as the two coalition partners both ran on a platform of controlling immigration more tightly than the National government had done. Labour stating that they will 'take a breather' on immigration. Indeed, Winston Peters of New Zealand First has made an entire political career from championing the protection of New Zealand’s unique culture and values and resisting mass immigration. In 2017, your humble correspondent asked Mr Peters at an NZ First rally in Palmerston North about the dangers of Islamic immigration. The veteran campaigner made it quite clear that there was no place for immigrants to New Zealand who did not embrace our values.  How he proposes the government will police this once it has committed to the UN Migrant Compact is anyone's guess.

Carol told Right Minds NZ that she had contacted the office of National Minister Judith Collins, requesting to meet with her before Tuesday's vote but had been told that she would not be available to meet until February. On the other hand, David Seymour of ACT was very supportive and would be happy to present the petition to parliament on Tuesday, 18th December. The petition has now been set to close on December 17th accordingly.

The government is no doubt rattled by the public response. Now there are reports of difficulties in sharing the petition to Facebook groups as well as the signature count being apparently frozen at 5446.  If this is a result of deliberate government interference in the petition to try and minimise its embarrassment as it sells out New Zealand to the United Nations and exposes Kiwis to untold risk and cost, then surely New Zealanders will be rightly outraged and will be keen to let the government know in no uncertain terms how they feel about this state of affairs. If it is in fact some kind of computer glitch which can be rectified then naturally the government should fix this ASAP and ensure that the wheels of open democracy keep turning.

To sign the petition (and do your own test as to the authenticity of the process), click here.