Politicians - Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

Tim Owen
One New Zealand

The One New Zealand Party continue to make waves with a series of statements challenging conventional political thinking in New Zealand. Today, party leader, Andy Oakley explains why he thinks we should be thinking about how politicians actually do things rather than obsessing over policies. Here is the statement in full:

The Pothole Politics of Policy

I find it interesting that after reading a little bit about us and our reason for forming - which is largely due to 40 years of our politicians and successive governments not having the guts or the ideas to make any meaningful changes in New Zealand or their style of government - people become interested in us, but they immediately flip to wanting to know our policies.

We will release them. Obviously at some point we simply must tell the people of New Zealand what we will do, how we will do it and why we will do it. The revealing thing will be that our policies are so radically different to what you have been used to that we are reticent to release them too soon or all at once. When the other parties roll out the same old tired rhetoric that they have been doing for the last 40 years to a yawning population who really couldn’t care anymore, we will remind the public that practically no government has ever achieved more than 5% of what they promised in their policies or that when they did what they promised they actually made things worse, not better, like Kiwibuild or eradicating child poverty, for example. Both resounding flops, but who cares, it’s the appearance of kindness that counts, right?

Given that 95% of what is promised in policy is never delivered I can’t even see the point of people being obsessed with a party’s policies. National and Labour and their coalition partners have continuously shown themselves to be liars, inept and unable to deliver what they promise. It’s like having elections is similar to the trauma of child birth; after a period of time nature has a way of making people forget.

I am reminded every day when reading the headlines, that the current crop of politicians are ALL so up to their necks in identity politics that they don’t even live in a world they understand anymore. Which explains the rising dysfunction, protests, and divisiveness we are witnessing - our national day is characterised by all of those things.

What voters should be more interested in is people or a party who have new and ground breaking ways of doing things, like us. A party that is informed by an understanding of reality as opposed to the endless flights of fancy and dogma of unchecked academia. We take a helicopter view of governing.  We don’t care about race or identity, they are no concern of government.  We care about a single standard of citizenship.

We don’t care about virtue signalling. We care about establishing a sovereignty (and an economy) that is so strong that no one, either an identity group within, or the U.N. from outside, could dare challenge it. The people and the government just wouldn’t allow it. These are things that Jacinda, James, Winston, and Simon haven’t a clue about, yet they are the most important things in our lives. They are the things that will secure a peaceful existence for our grandchildren, yet it’s as if the future is not a priority in today’s PC politics. Should anyone (us) raise these things, immediately they are branded as racists, homophobes, or islamophobes.

Our party is the only party that knows that these things are the bedrock of any decent nation, and our policies will be based on them:

A single standard of citizenship, which is a basic human right introduced into our nation in Article Three of the Treaty.

A sovereignty which rests solely with the constitutional system of our government. It is not shared with identity groups or the U.N.

An economy which is structured to deliver abundance to the people, not the other way around with groundless fiscal austerity causing involuntary unemployment and squandering our most precious resource (our people), as Labour and National have been doing for 40 years.

It’s time for a radical change!

Andy Oakley
Party Leader, The One New Zealand Party