Trans-Tasman Talk Ep.8 - Sacred Rights

Dieuwe de Boer

Presented in association with The Unshackled. Trans-Tasman Talk (TTT) is hosted by Tim Wilms from Melbourne and Dieuwe de Boer from Auckland. The show debuts every Tuesday at 9pm New Zealand time and 7pm Melbourne time. Episodes are broadcast live on Youtube via Right Minds, The Unshackled, and The BDF.

Tribal elites on both sides of the Tasman have been trying to close so-called sacred mountains to the public, with Ayers Rock in Australia being the latest victim. The media thinks that mountaineering is an expression of white supremacy, but is there some truth to that? The New Zealand state-funded media has been running a series on white guilt, which gives young woke students a chance to whinge about past grievances they had no part in.

New Zealand just enjoyed Labour Weekend, and the more controversial Australia Day coming up in 2020 has seen several left-wing council attempt to change the date or abolish the holiday altogether — but the central government is putting pressure on them to leave it as-is.

In both our nations, farmers are fighting back against government erosion of their livelihoods, with New Zealand farmers getting some reprieve from the Zero Carbon Bill and Australian farmers taking the fight to the politicians who are supposed to be supporting their interest.

The spy state continues to expand its reach, with a proposal to build a facial recognition database in Australia. The recommendations have been shelved, for now, due to fears that this database could be used by any number of agencies for an ever expanding scope of privacy violation. The second round of firearms legislation is being considered in New Zealand, but the select committee provided a surprising amount of pushback to the gun-control advocates this time, and there is the very real possibility of the bill being dropped or radically altered.

A number of politicians have once again been caught in embarrassing situations. The NZ Minister for Police, a prominent proponent of a gun register, was found to be driving illegally for several months with an expired WOF and unpaid road user charges. The Australian Energy Minister was found to have leaked doctored documents alleging extravagant travel spending on the part of the City of Sydney's council, although there is no evidence that he knew they were fake. The media likewise did not bother to check the figures before running the story.

Plus, James Comey may move to New Zealand, where the Greens have spent the whole week with egg on their face after being outmaneuvered time and time again. Tune in next week for the latest development in trans-Tasman current events.

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