Trad Tasman Talk Ep.20 - Rough Tasman Times

Dieuwe de Boer

Presented in association with The Unshackled. Trad Tasman Talk (TTT) is hosted by Tim Wilms from Melbourne and Dieuwe de Boer from Auckland. The show debuts every Friday at 8pm New Zealand time and 6pm Melbourne time. Episodes are broadcast live on Youtube via Right Minds, The Unshackled, and The BFD.

This episode was the first to broadcast on the new timeslot of Friday 8pm (and 6pm Melbourne time). You may have noticed that the name has officially been changed to "Trad Tasman Talk" to reflect its traditionalist slant and remove a word many right-wingers find extremely triggering. The final Tuesday show was cancelled last week as Dieuwe was at the Church & State Summit hosted by Dave Pellowe, which led into a brief discussion about its Zionist keynote speaker and Dave's Mossad t-shirt. Dieuwe had also organised a New Conservative party meeting in South Auckland which went well.

The coronavirus and the Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020 took centre stage, leading into a discussion on how the legacy media facilitates panic and uses it to make money. In some good news, the Australian Associated Press shut down recently and the NZ Herald also posted an advertising revenue loss. The NZME and Fairfax merger remains stalled. NZ's most embarrassing journalist (and famous comedian) Patrick Gower went the the USA to fawn over Bernie Sanders, resulting in a humiliating exchange which was captured on camera.

Australia has cut its interest rates in response to COVID-19 and New Zealand is expected to follow suit this month. Economic activity is expected to be reduced, but with all the panic buying that's not guaranteed. Of course, tax cuts would be more effective than encouraging debt and printing money, but there's little chance of anything that sane being adopted.

Jacinda Ardern met with Scott Morrison in a trans-Tasman talk about criminal deportations. She has no leverage in the discussion, but was praised for being assertive by some right-wing commentators back home, although lambasted almost universally in Australia. Peter Dutton called her remarks grandstanding in lead up to NZ election. Winston Peters doubled down and invoked Brenton Tarrant, although neither side of the NZ political coin is willing to threaten his deportation as a bargaining chip.

There was more "Serious Fraud" news in NZ, the least corrupt party on earth, as JLR (one of the men charged for electoral fraud) claimed that Beijing was involved in a third illicit donation to the National Party. Two Labour mayors, from Auckland and Christchurch, also had SFO investigations opened into their financing. NZ First MP Shane Jones was in hot water again, this time for allegedly racist remarks against Indians after saying that too many people from New Delhi were ruining NZ institutions.

It was revealed that Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young wrote a character reference for wife slapper, which was condemned as hypocritical by feminists, including Clementine Ford. Leyonhjelm's appeal of his defamation verdict for calling SHY a misandrist and hypocrite might have some new life in it.

New Zealand former Green co-leader, Jeanette Fitzsimons died unexpectedly this week. She was remembered universally as a "true green" who was principled, unlike many of the narcissists and power-hungry opportunists that sit in the Green benches on both sides of the Tasman today.

Dieuwe closed with a report on the first every Auckland March For Life that was attended by over 3,500 people. On the day that the bill that will fully legalse all abortions received its second reading, a dozen protesters at parliament held up photos of babies killed by abortion. This got much more media attention that the March for Life, and even Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little commented on the protest, as both were upset that people dared to show the reality of the abortion holocaust. The bill passed on to the next committee stage with 81 votes in favour and 39 against.

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