Trad Tasman Talk Ep.21 - Friday 13th

Dieuwe de Boer

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On this ominous Friday 13th episode, the shadow of the coronavirus taints the rest of the week's news. Toilet paper factories have been working longer hours. In New Zealand, the RBNZ has announced it is not taking any economic measures until March 25th at the earliest. In Australia, a massive stimulus package has been announced as sport events are cancelled and large gatherings are set to be banned.

The first anniversary of the Christchurch mosque shootings are set to be remembered, but had at the time of the show airing not yet been cancelled. [UPDATE: All commemoration events have now been cancelled or downscaled.]

The lead-up to this event has led to a flurry of "antifa" activity, including various exposes on Action Zealandia, a small white nationalist group who has seen several of its members arrested: one on military espionage charges, another on refusing to comply with a police search, and a third for leaking a classified police memo to banks.

New Zealand's descent into clown world continued, with Vinny Eastwood, an alt-media journalist, receiving a 6th police visit this week, although they refused to tell him why. A day later, armed police responded to reports of gunshots and screaming, only to find a teen playing Fortnite.

Coronavirus is likely to get much worse and consume the news cycle for weeks, if not months to come as both nations react to global and local events to ensure that hospitals are not overwhelmed and economies do not collapse.

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