A Short Break & Update

Dieuwe de Boer

There will be no livestream tonight, or next Friday, as Trad Tasman Talk is taking a break. I believe that Tim will be doing Friday episodes of Wilms Front instead if you'd like to follow some Australian politics.

I'm taking a short family holiday for some rest and communion. You may have noticed daily posts on the website for the first time in nearly a year, something I intend to continue although next week will likely be quite sparse. Since starting commentary in late 2016, my goal has always been to produce daily content, but various life events and other projects have interrupted that at times.

I've also got a massive stack of books catch up on, and a number of book reviews to write. I published one this week on Imam Tawhidi's autobiography, which I read about a year ago.

As always, if you have not yet subscribed to the channel then please do to be notified when we go live most Fridays: www.rightminds.nz/youtube.

There's also a newsletter signup below, which I certainly don't email often enough, but good news: I've got some big plans for upgrading the entire Right Minds platform over the next few months, especially focused on people who have quit or are planning to quit social media.

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