Thank You, President Trump

Dieuwe de Boer

I've always loved American politics, even if purely for the entertainment factor. On November 3rd, President Trump won the legal vote by a huge margin, Republicans picked up half a dozen House seats, held on to the Senate, picked up a state legislature and governorship, and saw greater support from all minority demographics than they've had in over a half century. President Trump gained over nine million extra votes, the most of any Republican and more than any past Democrat candidate too.

Democrats had to pause the count in half a dozen states on election night. It took them three whole days to find enough postal ballots that had to go +90% to Biden. All this just so that the enemy of the people could declare a pyrrhic victory to validate their existence and relentless propaganda campaign.

"Racism" and "fascism" have never been so popular, clocking in over 70 million votes. Imagine spending over four years of your life railing against Orange Hitler™ and then you still have to commit blatant fraud to eke out a small win. President Trump broke the spell and power of the media. As the ultimate showman, he rewrote the script.

Imagine if you will, a dream come true for the establishment and oligarchs. Bipartisan establishment figures will be returned to key positions in the US government. The Big Tech billionaires will be safe from trust-busting and they'll rake in billions more via new lockdown policies. The military-industrial complex will get to invade a new country or two. The CCP will resume their consolidation of power unimpeded. The media stooges won't have to cry on air every night for the next four years. Their dreams are on the cusp of coming true, and yet there is probably something niggling at the back of their minds: President Trump won't go quietly into the night.

The Trump phenomenon was the beginning. Next month is the fourth anniversary of Right Minds. Every article you've ever read from this website, every bit of content I've ever produced, it's all something you can thank Donald J Trump for. As you read and watch over the next few decades, don't forget that it was all made possible by the emergence of Trumpism.

Trump has been the spell breaker, but for us the mission continues down under: to help more people see through the lies of the media, to embolden culture warriors, and to seek the revitalisation of Christian civilisation.

Regardless of how this chapter of the story ends, whether President Trump stays in the White House or becomes President in Exile, one of the oddities of the American system is that elected officials keep their titles. Donald J Trump will be President forever.

Thank you, President Trump for changing the world and the course of history.

Thank you, for making this community possible.

We're all looking forward to the launch of Trump TV and the 2024 redemption arc of our hero's journey.

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Dieuwe de Boer

Editor of Right Minds NZ, columnist at The BFD, and Secretary General for the New Conservatives. Follow me on Telegram and Twitter. In addition to writing about conservative politics and reactionary thought, I like books, gardening, biking, tech, reformed theology, beauty, and tradition.