Gym Switches From CNN To Sky News After Complaints

Dieuwe de Boer

What are you doing to make the spaces you spend your time in better? A supporter sent in the following positive message:

A couple of months back, I requested gym management to have the 24/7 CNN coverage switched over to Sky Australia.

I gave the genuine reason that it was incredibly antagonistic and polarising to a significant chunk of the gym community.

It had to get cleared through the Head Office (of a massive chain of gyms), but imagine my joy when I walked in to see "Orange Man Bad" CNN gone from all screens - in all gyms in the chain!

I assume others must have pitched in also - I mean, I know I'm an awesome guy and a staff favourite, but even I wouldn't assume I had that much sway.

Moral of the story: make things happen!

That's a whole lot less CNN brainwashing going on now.

I have subsequently received positive feedback from other members who hadn't felt bold enough to request the change.

One little act of kindness in your local communities can go a long way. Don't worry about saving the world, start with the places you like to spend time at and the people you like to spend time with. Enjoy the small things in life.

If you have a good story, post it in one of the Right Minds groups or email me directly and I'll share it on the website. Our friend followed up with a call to action for others:

Any association, club, company or group in general can be radically changed if 2 or 3 within that group work in conjunction with each other to effect change.

It's how the minority extreme liberals have gotten so far, so quickly.

So get onto it!

Team up with one or more like-minded individuals in your club/team, and make yourself a polite, entertaining, likeable but genuine nuisance of yourself.

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