Matt Walsh's "What Is A Woman" Is An Expose On Evil

Dieuwe de Boer

With the announcement that the government is spending an extra $4,700,000 on evangelising the transgender ideology there is a new film you need to watch.

Matt Walsh's documentary for the Daily Wire on transgenderism is a visually stunning production. What Is A Woman delivers the quality you'd expect from a big budget film. The introduction sets out an almost lighthearted premise with an "Indiana Jones"-style adventure to discover the definition of woman in a 21st century world. It doesn't take long for the dark turn into absurdity and madness to begin. The subjects of interviews (paediatricians, women's studies professors, plastic surgeons, and politicians) refuse to give answers. They reveal through their perverted worldviews that the word can mean whatever you want, but the treatments they promote all tell a different story: giving chemical castration drugs to kids, cutting breasts off teenage girls, and dissecting penises into imitations of vaginas. They can't tell you what a woman is, but they seem to have a real obsession with carving up the bodies of children.

Walsh digs into the origins of the modern sex-ed and gender critical movements. Unsurprisingly, the man who popularised sex-ed for young children was a professional child molester (Alfred Kinsey) and another figure who popularised the concept of "gender" was John Money (a New Zealander) who tortured and molested a set of twins in horrific experiments. It appears this field is particularly attractive to groomers.

To demonstrate the uniquely Western problem of gender ideology, Walsh travels to Africa where bewildered tribesmen laugh at his absurd questions. "Would you like to come to America?" he asks at the end. "No," they answer. This is a stark contrast to interviews on the streets of American cities. "What is a woman?" he asks. People laugh nervously. They know the answer, you can see it in their eyes, alongside fear. They fear the wrath of a baying mob as their life flashes before their eyes. No definition can be given that might not change tomorrow. This "gotcha" question annihilates the trans movement and those marching for "women's rights". This social contagion is a mind-virus that has rapidly infected vast swathes of the population.

The saddest interview is with Scott, a "trans-man" who fights back tears as she exposes the lies of transition. She is now stuck on a path to an early grave and has to acknowledge she'll never be a man. Scott points out that the suicide rates are highest post-transition and that puberty blockers cause cancer. She highlights the financial incentives for children's hospitals to perform surgeries.

There's an undercurrent in several interviews: the danger of individualism and perceived happiness as the highest virtue. A society that allows "whatever makes you happy" divorced from morality opens the gates to dark impulses and malice. The atomisation of the individual has reached its final stage: no longer is a person a complete holistic being, but mind is pitted against matter. The body is reforged into an image of the broken mind; transformed into grotesque mockeries of the opposite sex. A woman is just a costume you can put on. The end result is a consumer for life with endless pharmaceuticals required to maintain the charade.

An interview with another casualty of the trans agenda highlights the stakes: a Canadian father is on trial for refusing to affirm his daughter's enslavement by the trans-cult. Why does he fight this losing battle? So that one day when she regrets the harm inflicted on her by twisted adults, he will be able to comfort her with the fact that he fought for her to the bitter end.

An academic who has left the field explains that only predetermined research is allowed by universities. No study that might ignite the wrath of activists is permitted to receive funding in this political climate. Near the end of the documentary, Jordan Peterson makes an appearance and gives a classically, laugh-out-loud Petersonian answer to the question that sets up the final leg of Matt Walsh's journey. I won't spoil how he gets his answer because it is a heartwarming conclusion to the quest.

The film doesn't delve into the deeper metaphysical issues. It's a plain quest for the truth that forces one women's studies professor to exclaim "the truth is transphobic." Trans advocates do more than just prey on children, they are the enemies of truth itself.

The contrived difference between "sex" and "gender" is exposed as a lie. If there were such a distinction then one would hardly have to put children under the knife or demand with religious zeal that "trans-women are women."

Why does this matter? Reality itself is up for grabs. Why should you care? Children's very lives and futures are at stake.

The only negative to the documentary is that it costs USD14 ($22) for a month's access to the Daily Wire to watch. It's vital and viral material that shouldn't be behind a paywall. (But it is worth the cost to watch.)

What Is A Woman is a powerful weapon against a nightmarish evil. It has the potential to be an impactful entry in the war against the groomers.

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