You Can't Pause The Revolution

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Dieuwe de Boer
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A week is a long time in politics. I started off a Saturday morning in late March escorting Helen Houghton from New Conservative to speak at Kelly-Jay Keen's "Let Women Speak" event in Albert Park. What I was expecting was the usual police line separating the normal people from the hordes of demonic screeching communists that make up New Zealand's rent-a-mob crowd.

What I found has been circulated around the world: total chaos and anarchy. We watched as the hate mob ginned up by state media and government ministers surged forward to attack the women who had gathered to speak; as Posie Parker was escorted away by police; and as the remaining organisers were surrounded and trapped in the park's rotunda.

A group of about five of us climbed into the fray and did our best to gather up the women there and get them safely out. You could see they were afraid, they were being yelled at and intimidated, and attempts were made to steal their banners. Helen convinced them all to leave with us and we did without any of the violent incidents that had taken place prior in well-documented footage.

The thing that video footage doesn't capture is the noise. I've experienced it before, as the leftist weapon of choice, but never quite that bad. It made me think of some of these ancient pagan rituals where overwhelming "jubilant" noise is made to drown out the screams of its sacrificial victims.

I wasn't there for women's rights, but I was there for women's safety—which is one of those patriarchal notions that's being dispensed with at the moment. While I enjoyed the adrenaline rush, I felt somewhat sad, as if I had watched feminism die. I always thought I'd be happy to see the end of feminism, but there's something sad about watching an idea be murdered by the monster it summoned.

The trans-cult are the children of the feminist revolution, a necessary next step on the path to the cyborg theocracy, as Mary Harrington has coined it. The feminists sought to make men and women equal in all respects. The logical next step is the total abolition of man and woman: the rise of transhuman cyborgs who are no longer slaves to primitive biology. A transgender is a disembodied mind that can resculpt flesh in its own image, creating a new race of gods who demand total capitulation and submission. The technology that bridged the gap between male and female can and will be used to destroy both.

The trans-cult is a bizarre movement. It makes its adherents miserable and ugly. Social progress is entropic—there is no coherent guiding principle beyond following the path of least resistance in a straight line to hell.

The problem with the "trans-exclusive radical feminist" movement is that they're trying to pause the revolution. Feminism is inherently revolutionary and it was from the beginning. Feminism against progress? Impossible. The revolution must go on. The footsoldiers of the regime fall in line one by one. The occasional misstep is brutally punished.

Even the trans-cultists have to admit that "women's rights" is "anti-trans" and there is no middle ground between the two. Every revolution must eat itself to continue, until eventually there is nothing left to eat and reactionary forces are able to rebuild from the ashes of the revolution.

A topical example from the last century is the Bolshevik revolution. They murdered and destroyed everything good about Russia, they then murdered and destroyed each other, then half of Eastern Europe, and eventually the revolution simply died when it ran out of things to consume. Russia's reactionary revival came from an alliance of oligarchs, conservatives, and agrarians who simply wanted to live in a functional anti-revolutionary state.

The trans-cult already shows telltale signs of hitting the revolutionary wall. Even as they tell feminists to turn around and face the wall, the limits of perpetual victimhood are being reached.

With total institutional power behind them, how do they use it? Organise a riot against a small group of women. Beat them bloody as the cameras are rolling. A week later, instead of taking advantage of our lax justice system, their heroes like Eli go on the run (from what exactly?) and put their mental insanity on full display for the world to laugh at. The institutions give awards to hateful instigators like Shaneel, who talks about how having a subservient institution give him an award means the trans-cult is "going to win."

This is bizarre behaviour from a group of people who already won.

Every state media company, every party in parliament, every capitalist corporation, every university, every non-governmental organisation, even the police: all of it is on their side and gives them everything they want. Yet, they're missing something and feel incomplete. They can only destroy and they can only hate—themselves as much as you.

That's because the revolution is built on a lie, and all lies come to nothing.

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