The Sacred Cow of Diversity

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Dieuwe de Boer

Much could be written on the rise and fall of Kiritapu Allan, the "queer wahine Maori" who was groomed to be a Prime Minister-in-waiting as the queen of diversity hires. I don't know much about the start of her story, or the middle, nor can I really be bothered to find out. We all know how it ended: Justice Minister Kiri Allan being run down by police dogs as she fled a crime scene caused by driving while drunk.

We got here because of the sacred cow of diversity. No, I'm not talking about Kiritapu Allan herself—although names tend to have real meaning. I'm fascinated by definitions and I enjoy word games, so I thought I'd get a joke related to something sacred. The dictionary definition of "kiritapu" seems to be "hymen" or "unmarried." An ill omen for a daughter's name, one would think, but perhaps her parents did not put much thought into it.

What I'm talking about is "mental health" or perhaps more aptly mental immaturity and instability. It's pretty obvious that "being diverse" and "being mental" are two things that go together—they are almost synonyms.

I was struck some years ago when cataloguing that the majority of left-wing figures I kept an eye on had openly admitted at one time or another to having a therapist or being on anti-psychotic medication. Diversity seems to take a mental toll, or perhaps the mental toll makes you diverse. The directionality of this correlation and causation seems tightly coupled.

When people have a real mental breakdown they usually end up in a black pit of despair, unable to function. A recent political example is former opposition leader Todd Muller. He genuinely broke down and became unable to function. When someone has enough mental energy to get plastered, drive around town, crash her car, and run 500 metres down the road to get away from the police dogs then it starts to look a whole lot less like a mental breakdown and a whole lot more like a lack of personal discipline. The lack of expectation that you maintain strict discipline and moral behaviour at all times is at the heart of what separates left from right.

Kiri Allan is a case of what I might term "late stage egalitarianism" because when everyone is equal and everyone is rapidly morally degenerating, then the most powerful people in government are expected to act like the lowest thugs on the street. After all, they are all equal.

This is a completely wrong view of government. We can contrast a more correct view in the saga of St John and Dr Shane Reti. Dr Reti is the Health Minister-in-waiting and prepared for this role by travelling with St John ambulance crews as a VIP observer. Dr Reti is someone more important than us ordinary folks, and he behaves himself as such while he works as a public servant. This is where the true outrage from leftists about his work came from. Are they really upset about "medical privacy"? No, of course not. They violated yours for years with their COVID policies and tried to run medical experiments on you against your will. They're upset that he's different and thinks of himself as a man with some higher qualities that others might lack. He threatens the equality of diversity where everyone and everything sucks.

That's the sacred cow of diversity.

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