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"Auckland University European Students Association" Under Fire

A new student group was formed recently, the Auckland University European Students Association (AUESA). When they publicised a stall at "O Week" (the first week of university), they received a response they did not anticipate. Several social justice warriors (SJWs) found the post and were instantly triggered. They lodged complaints to the University of Auckland, the Auckland University Students Association, and even the Race Relations Commission. 

The organisation was instantly attacked for "white pride" and having racist imagery, which seemed to consist of Celtic designs, Gothic lettering, a photo of the German unification, and a photo of Captain James Cook. On top of that, quotes like "strength through honour" and "our pride is our honour and loyalty" were compared the the Nazi SS slogan, "honour is loyalty." This association was denied by the AUESA President, and indeed, as student of history will know, honour and loyalty are common elements in not only European cultures, but also Japanese culture, among others. Having 2 words out of 7 match a Nazi slogan is a low bar indeed.

The AUESA was bombarded with threats and trolls on their Facebook page, many being deleted by admins over the course of the day. The President of the association called it all a "gross misunderstanding" and responded by removing most of the imagery and wording deemed offensive. He has chosen to remain anonymous because of death threats received by the group.

We're not going to apologise for promoting our culture.

If anyone is offended by Celtic culture or British culture, there's nothing we can do about it. You'll just have to be offended.

- AUESA President

A post of the group's Facebook page responds to various allegations:

Dear all who visit our page,

It seems like there has been some gross misunderstanding of what our club is about and who we are, so we would like to clarify it here so that everyone has the right idea of what AUESA is about:

AUESA is a non profit organisation that aims to promote European culture on campus through activities such as Medieval reenaction, outdoor events and concerts with an European theme as well as European cuisine feasts. Our club is open to people of all nationalities and beliefs. We are a strictly non political organisation.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has stated she will "keep an eye on" the group.