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Auckland University students vote to disaffiliate pro-life club

The Auckland University Students Association (AUSA) has voted to disaffiliate Pro-Life Auckland. 

According to a report by Stuff, around 2700 students took part in an online referendum, with 1600 students voting to disaffiliate the club and 1000 voting against the motion.

The referendum also asked whether clubs with a "similar ideology" should be banned from affiliating in the future. 

The question was included in the referendum due to the fact that under AUSA's rules, only a single submission is required to include the question. So far the identity of the person who made the submission has not been made public, and the submitter declined to debate the issue at a student forum. 

Prolife Auckland's aims, according to its page on the university website, are to "educate students on the ethical issue of abortion, and advocate for the welfare of the unborn child and women in difficult pregnancy situations."

The vote is considered binding, pending legal advice being sought by AUSA due to the fact that the motion would place restrictions on the club's rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.