Owen LLewellyn
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Bizarre SJW Opinion Piece Confirms Disconnection from Reality

In one of the more bizarre offerings from the New Zealand mainstream press this past week, a fellow by the name of Jacob Van de Visser took the opportunity to contribute to Stuff's 'Stuff Nation' page, where readers can send in local news or opinion pieces. Clearly a product of some leftist institutional brainwashing, he has convinced himself that banning free speech would stop people being mean to what he sees as oppressed minorities. It would qualify as one of the most hilarious opinion pieces seen in a mainstream publication for a very long time if it wasn't so troubling to think that there are a body of people who actually share these views. As is often the case, he assumes that Islamists and the LGBT community are on the same page; he seems to think that having the government ban free speech would only be applied to folk who don't share his views; and to put the tin hat on it all, wants to ban criticism of feminism.

I was unsure at first whether it was a satirical piece, a parody of Social Justice Warriors, but no, it appears to be genuine. The one saving grace was that he was completely castigated in the comments.