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Come to the Free Speech Protests on Sat 14th July

When: 12 noon, Saturday 14th July

Where: Aotea Square, Auckland; also Parliament Buildings, Wellington; and North Hagley Park, Christchurch.

Free speech has come under assault in our wonderful country.

The Islamic Federation (FIANZ) has used political pressure in an attempt to silence a conservative speakers simply because those speakers are critical of Islam.

Violent communist groups, like Peace Action, have used threats of violence to give the rate-payer funded Bruce Mason Centre and excuse to cite public safety as a reason for cancelling an appearance by two Canadian conservatives.

Auckland mayor Phil Goff has banned any right-wing speakers who hold views that might upset the left from using rate-payer funded venues. He has even slandered Lauren and Stefan by saying they believe in eugenics and white supremacy. He, and his ilk, can provide no evidence to back up these false claims. Yet Phil Goff is more than happy to spit on our soldiers, fly the flags of evil communist regimes, meet with Yasser Arafat, schmooze with Fidel Castro, and allow the terrorist group Hezbollah to hold rallies in the city.

There is hope though: legal resources have been dedicated to getting Lauren her VISA (Stefan's has already been approved) and there is likewise pressure to have access to their venue restored. You can donate to that cause here. While I can make no further statements at this time until the lawyers finish their work, I believe that we can beat these forces of evil and that on August 3rd, one way or another, New Zealand will be able to listen to the opinions of Lauren and Stefan and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Has it got to the point where common-sense conservative opinions are too radical for this once free nation? Are the egos of the left so fragile that they can't handle discussions on controversial topics?

I may not agree with everything Lauren has to say. I may not agree with everything that Stefan has to say. But to argue that their views are dangerous is simply absurd. We should have the freedom to listen and dialogue with public figures from a fellow commonwealth country. Figures who have no criminal records and have never incited violence against anyone.

On Saturday 14th July, we had planned to join in with global rallies in support of Tommy Robinson, a friend of both Lauren and Stefan, who was arrested for "breaching the peace" and jailed for "contempt of court" after livestreaming publicly available information about a rape-gang trial in the UK. The courts even put a reporting ban on his imprisonment. Some of us in New Zealand have been joining in on these protests because we thought that by stopping the suppression of free speech in the UK would help us keep such similar suppression far away from our home. Sadly, a similar suppression of free speech has come to our shores.

Whether you're a fan of Tommy, a fan of Lauren, a fan of Stefan, or just a fan of free speech, I invite you to join us in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. To make our voices heard. To meet with fellow freedom-lovers. To defend free speech in New Zealand and throughout the commonwealth!

You can RSVP on Facebook or just turn up on the day. We would encourage you to make and bring any signs to hold up for passer-bys, photos, videos, and any livestreams.

In Auckland there will be a few short speeches made, some speakers will be announced soon. (There may be speeches in Wellington and Christchurch too, but we don't have sound systems confirmed at those locations. Any "official" remarks will be either recorded or livestreamed.)

Free Speech Protest Auckland 14th July

Free Speech Protest Wellington 14th July

Free Speech Protest Christchurch 14th July

I made a short (7 minute) video update on the Lauren Southern situation on Saturday 7th July, which you can watch on Facebook or Youtube.

Please invite your friends and family. Join us in standing for free speech.