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Creep Matt Lauer Allowed to Keep 10,750 Hectare NZ Ranch

The NZ Herald reports:

Former "Today" show host Matt Lauer can keep a lakeside ranch in New Zealand after authorities there concluded Friday there wasn't enough evidence he'd breached a "good character" condition.

New Zealand's Overseas Investment Office (OIO) said that as part of its investigation, it had taken sworn statements from Lauer and had been in touch with NBC.

"Mr. Lauer has not been charged with any offence, nor convicted, and the evidence available to the OIO at this time does not establish that Mr. Lauer is unfit to continue to hold the asset," said Lisa Barrett, an official at Land Information New Zealand, in a statement. "However, in reaching this position, we do not condone the inappropriate way that Mr. Lauer has behaved."

The NBC host was one of the fastest to be vapourised in November by the #MeToo movement, which has taken down several high profile liberals like Lauer. The allegations were not spurious, he admitted guilt, and was promptly fired. He has not been heard from until now, where it appears he's solidified his escape plan to New Zealand. His behaviour has been described in some detail, but according to our OIO, that's not bad enough to fail the "good character" test. I'll cite just one little example of his creepy behaviour:

Variety also reported that Lauer’s desk contained a button that allowed him to lock his office door without getting up to do it manually. A representative for the network said the button was installed as a security measure for top talent and executives.

What is most disturbing about this is that Matt Lauer is clearly a predator, he's admitted to it, and the OIO likewise believes he sexually harassed a number of women. Yet he can still pass the "good character" test, which does not require a criminal conviction to  be breached. Has he failed the "test", he would have been required to sell the property.

Lauer isn't the first wealthy liberal to seek a hideout in New Zealand. Many of the liberal elite have been buying out large plots of land on the south island to make people wonder just what they're planning to run away from.