Hayden Macpherson
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A Disease of the Heart

White Nationalists who blame all the problems of white culture on "DER JUDEN!!!" are no different than the blacks who blame all their failings on white racism.

Regardless of whether or not there is some grand Jewish conspiracy to undermine the West, whining about it does nothing to solve the problems confronting Western society. Jewish subversion, Muslim invasion: these are external, and comparatively superficial. The real ailments of Western culture are internal and spiritual. 

As Chiang Kai-shek said, when asked why, during WWII, he focused on suppressing the Communists, rather than defeating the invading Japanese, "The Japanese are a disease of the skin. The Communists are a disease of the heart."

White women who whore themselves out aren't forced to do so by a Jew; they choose to, because they want to. White men who sit at their computers watching 'anime pornography' aren't being held at gunpoint by a man in side curls; they are gratifying their inmost desires.

White Supremacists who blame the immorality and oikophobia of modern whites on the Jews, are no different from the leftists who excuse black (or in NZ Maori/Polynesian) crimes, failures, and general barbarism on "institutionalised oppression" or "systematic discrimination" or whatever other Marxist BS they cook up.

If European Christian nations were to recover their moral and spiritual health, their civilisational self-confidence and assertiveness, and sense of purpose and destiny, they would be more than capable of dealing with the myriad other problems that face them. On the other hand, even if White Nationalists were somehow able to create a 100% milky-white ethnostate, the absence of other races would do nothing to solve the endemic problems of promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, nihilism and suicide, narcissism, hedonism, relativistic individualism and all-round hopelessness and anomie that plague white communities all across the globe.  

It does no good to treat the symptoms of a disease, while ignoring the disease itself.  By contrast, if you cure the root cause of the illness, the symptoms will disappear on their own. Before you can take action, you must take responsibility.

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